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Die Kölner Akademie Chorus & Orchestra - Michael Alexander Willens


Date: 20/03/2019

Auditorium Teatro Manzoni - Via De' Monari 1/2

Phone +390516493245

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Date of last update: 29/03/2019, 11:22

The hero of this Oratorio, which debuted at Covent Garden in London in 1749, is biblical king Solomon. The score composed by Händel evokes the splendours of his kingdom and his proverbial wisdom, in three acts rich in instrumental colour, solemn choir sections and enchanting arias for solos.

The most distinctive character of the Kölner Akademie is the research on the original intentions of the composers, thanks to a careful study of critical editions, of the historically documented arrangement of the orchestra.

This production of Solomon, which will be the unique opportunity to listen to this Oratorio in Italy, has been staged by the Kölner ensemble specifically for Bologna Festival.

  • Date: 20/03/2019

settore A (platea I) - € 70
settore B (platea II) - € 50
settore C (galleria I, balconata I) - € 55
settore D (galleria II) - € 40
settore E (balconata II, III) - € 30

Info: www.bolognafestival.it