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From: 24/05/2019 - To: 26/05/2019

Teatro Duse, Via Cartoleria 42

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One of the best scores of the pair of authors Kander & Ebb, Chicago, the American musical with the highest number of replicas ever performed in both London and Broadway, arrives at the Duse Theater. The show debuted in 1975, the year in which another masterpiece that marked the history of the musical went on stage: A Chorus Line.

Directed by Saverio Marconi, the musical direction of Shawna Farrell and the choreography by Gillian Bruce, 'Chicago' is the second title of the VII edition of A Summer Musical Festival, organized by the Bernstein School of Musical Theater.

Assimilating the greatness of Bob Fosse's musical and Rob Marshall's award-winning film version, the director Marconi brings this masterpiece back to Italy, making it his own in a version that is halfway between the essentiality of the musical and the richness of the film.

  • From: 24/05/2019
  • To: 26/05/2019

Venerdì e sabato ore 21, domenica ore 16

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Ticket prices are €20,00 for a single seat, €15,00 euros for under 25s, over 65, season ticket holders and supporters of the Duse Theater