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Cantautori. Viaggio in Italia II

Date: 28/10/2018

Via Saragozza 234, Bologna

Date of last update: 20/08/2018, 09:53

By popular demand, after the success of last April, the "Cantautori" concert returns to the Teatro Il Celebrazioni in Bologna. "Viaggo in Italia" (A Journey in Italy) organised by The West Road non-profit cultural music association.

This live performance, lasting more than two hours, is intended to be a biography in music regarding the most famous performers; a tribute in various artistic formats, a tribute to all the great singer-songwriters of the Italian music scene over the past fifty years.

A show full of emotions and surprises with an extraordinary soloist voice; that of Sicilian Carmen Alessandrello, and Marcello Libertini, musician and singer.


  • Date: 28/10/2018

Tickets available online on VivaTicket or at the theatre ticket office

Prima Platea € 28,00
Seconda Platea, Balconata e Palchi € 16,00