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Balthasar Neumann Ensemble, Choir and Soloists - Thomas Hengelbrock


Date: 10/05/2019

Auditorium Teatro Manzoni - Via De' Monari 1/2

Phone +390516493245

Fax +390516493245

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The Requiem, Mozart's masterpiece that was left uncompleted due to the death of the Master, to be later completed by his pupil Süssmayr, is a milestone of the sacred repertoire.

The same cannot be said of Kerll's Missa Superba, composed around 1674 by a leading figure of German baroque music, who here combines the solemnity of Venetian polychorality with the lively concertato style of the Padanian school.

A really superb acoustic cathedral which requires first-class performers, like the vocal and instrumental ensembles founded by multiple award-winning conductor Thomas Hengelbrock, who has been Bologna Festival's guest many times.

  • Date: 10/05/2019

settore A (platea I) - € 70
settore B (platea II) - € 50
settore C (galleria I, balconata I) - € 55
settore D (galleria II) - € 40
settore E (balconata II, III) - € 30

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