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Parco di San Pellegrino

Via di Casaglia - 40135 Bologna (BO)

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The park is situated in a nice panoramic position on the mountain ridge between the valleys of Meloncello and Ravone and it descends from the Monte Albano towards the Villa Spada. There is a nice view to San Luca. Originally, there were two country houses Casa Giuliani and Casa Breventan existing already in the 18th century, known as Luogo Piccolo (the “Small Place”) and Luogo Grande (the “Large Place”) and owned by the family of senators De Buoi and then by the family Breventani. In the second half of the 19th century, Luigi and Giuseppe Breventani, both clergymen, founded the ecclesiastic institution San Pellegrino for old people and donated their property to that institution. (Luigi dedicated his life also to important researches of the local history.) The adaptation of the original area was focused on the conservation of the historical site; lawns replaced cultivations and alleys of fruit trees remained alongside old roads and fields. The valley of Meloncello hides the wildest portion of land: there are black poplars, white willows and elders along the river and a forest in firmer parts of the valley containing hop hornbeams, common hazels, some downy oaks in the most isolated places. The park has an extension of 27 hectars and it was opened to the public in 1995.

The text taken from the website of the Salaborsa library.

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