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Museo Morandi

via Don Minzoni 14 - 40121 Bologna (BO)

Phone Reception: +39 051 6496611 (MAMbo)

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Date of last update: 02/03/2020, 16:33

The Morandi Museum (Museo Morandi) is the biggest and most important public collection dedicated to the painter Giorgio Morandi. It was founded thanks to a considerable donation from his sister Maria Teresa Morandi and located in Palazzo d’Accursio until 2012, when it was moved to MAMbo due to renovation work.

The Morandi Museum is part of Bologna Welcome Card network. Free entry for the Card holders. 

Tickets have not changed and also include admission to MAMbo permanent collection and exhibitions:

Full € 6.00 - reduction € 4.00 (visitors over 65,visitors from 18 to 25, groups of min. 10 people, Comune di Bologna Youth Card and Family Card holders, special agreements.

Admission is free: first Sunday of each month, for young people up to 18, Membership MAMBo, University students with membership card, groups of high school students, 2 leaders for each school group, 1 leader for each group of 10 people, 1 adult with a child who attends workshops planned by the museum, tourist guides with badge, journalists with badge, disabled people and their helpers, AMACI card,ICOM card, people as indicated in clause 4, paragraph 3, letter a, b, d, e, f, g, h, i – Decree n. 507 dating 11/12/1997 and further modifications  (also students and teachers of  Conservatory and other schools as specified in the letter h of the decree), Musei Metropolitani Card holders, Bologna Welcome Card holders.

Morandi Museum can be visited during the usual opening time of MAMbo: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10am - 6,30pm; Thursday: 10am - 10pm. Closed on Monday

At the bookshop are available catalogues, posters, postcards, paper and cardboard objects, Morandi's books. Student visits are available with advanced registration Tel. 051 2757209 Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 13 email edubolognamusei@comune.bologna.it. Guided tours on request - for information and booking: tel. 051 6496627 Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 17 email mamboedu@comune.bologna.it

Motor disability and difficulty of movement

The museum is accessible for the most part. Exhibit spaces are wide and allow easy movement and rest. There is a handicap restroom which is very spacious.



Hearing disability

The museum extends over three exhibition areas within the Mambo Museum and is going to be thematically reorganized. One hall houses temporary exhibitions of artists whose works refer to Morandi. There are no explanatory panels about the museum organization and, therefore, a good understanding requires the assistance of the museum staff. Can make autonomous use of content difficult. Videos without subtitles are projected in a space provided in one of the halls with an acoustic situation which does not facilitate the understanding by people with hearing impairments. Restrooms are on the ground floor, well indicated and easily reachable. There are no means of visual communication in case of alarm in the restrooms or in the lift.



Visual disability

The collection is mainly visual and can be explored tactilely through the museum educational materials. Captions and room communications are difficult to read for visually impaired visitors. There is no text in Braille or large print.

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