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Museo di San Giovanni In Monte

c/o Chiesa di San Giovanni in Monte, Piazza San Giovanni in Monte, 1/2 - 40124 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 263894

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The structure of the old Monastery of San Giovanni in Monte has been changed many times by the Lateran Fathers, and only in 1543 it has been last modified by the Bolognese architect Antonio Morandi, called "the Terribilia".
The French occupation completely changed its function and in 1797 it became a prison and a court until the University of Bologna took it over and completely restored it. Inside there is the wonderful cloister, and on the pronaos of the entrance you can see the "brick aigle" owned by Nicolò dell'Arca.
Inside the Sacristy and in the parish office near the church there is the parish museum. Here you can find important furnitures, religious objects, reliquaries, ivories objects, glass and ceramic handmande objects and some paints and sculptures which dates back to the period between 1300s and 1700s.
The most precious reliquaries are those of Saint Cecilia (XIV century), Saint Giovanni (1414), Saint Maria Egiziaca (1444), and San Petronio. Other important objects are: the wonderful Byzantine hemispheric cup (XII century), the parish Pallione and the two Agnus Dei of Pope Bonifacio IX (1389-1404) and Gregorio XII (1406-1409).

The description is taken from the websites: http://www.provincia.bologna.it/cultura/musei/guida - http://www.archiviostorico.unibo.it

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