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Covili house museum

Via Isonzo 1 Pavullo nel Frignano (MO)

Phone +39 3931010101

Date of last update: 11/02/2020, 10:33

On 21st March 2019, “Casa Museo COVILI” opened up its doors to the public to celebrate the birthday of the great painter Gino Covili, unconventional self-taught  artist and custodian of the rural culture who, between 1950 and the 2000s, managed to create a universe characterised by his own personal style.

Covili was born in 1918 in Pavullo nel Frignano, in the heart of the Modena Appennines. As a testimony to his great connection with the local territory, the Covili family decided to set up on an itinerary of the emotions with over 120 artworks made by the artist during his creative life. In addition to the permanent exhibition arranged over three floors, visitors can also see his  studio and workshops, the visitor centre and the bookshop for initiatives and temporary exhibitions. The initiative is promoted by “CoviliArte” and is dedicated to the great maestro, his art and, most of all, his capability of depicting the world. An intimate world made of stories and images that talk to the visitor and express all the ancestral strength of the Apennines. It is in fact not by chance that “Casa Museo COVILI” is located in Pavullo nel Frignano, at the border between the woods and the city ,a dichotomy that has characterised the artist’s creative path in perfect balance between nature and culture.  

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