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Torre Lambertini

Piazza Re Enzo, 1 - 40125 Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 15/12/2017, 12:59

In order to see Torre Lambertini, we suggest you to look at Palazzo Re Enzo or Palazzo del Podestà from Via Rizzoli, near Via Caduti di Cefalonia. From here, Torre Lambertini may be seen.

It is a tower house, bought in 1294 from the Municipality of Bologna which wanted to enlarge its area, formed by palatium vetus (Palazzo del Podestà) and palatium novum (Palazzo Re Enzo). The Lambertini family was an important one in the conflict for the control of the city between Guelphs and Ghibellines. The Lambertini family (Guelphs) contributed to banish the Lambertazzi family (Ghibellines) in 1274 after 40 days of fight. It also seems that they cought King Enzo of Sardinia (son of the emperor Federico II) who spent the rest of his life imprisoned in the palace (later named after him). At present, the only thing that recalls the existence of the Lambertini family in Bologna is their tower. The turret, the doors, the windows and the entrance on the ground floor were built in different periods. The little door with the balcony and the littlest window (on the east side of the tower) should be part of the original building. The big door and the biggest windows are more modern and are supposed to have been built when the Tower was given to the Capitano del Popolo (the city judiciary) in 1255. It was added to the palace and thus underwent necessary inner readjustment.


Source: Bologna la selva turrita (in Italian) enhancement project of the historical-architectural Bologna's heritage supported by the Fondazione del Monte.