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Santa Caterina d’Alessandria Chapel

loc. Montovolo, 40030 - Grizzana Morandi (BO)

Phone +39 051 916355


Date of last update: 11/07/2018, 16:39

A veritable gem of Romanesque mountain architecture located within walking distance and at a higher altitude than the Sanctuary. Entirely built in opus quadratum, it is a perfect example of the—probably Tuscan—master stonemasons’ artisanship.

The facade’s portal seems to be the model for the later, 19th century makeover of the main church’s facade. Inside, there is a stone sarcophagus and a cycle of 14th century frescoes.

On exiting the Chapel walk to the edge of the Santa Caterina wall, you can admire a picturesque view of the Reno River Valley.

Photo credits: Søren Thuesen