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Chiesa di San Girolamo della Certosa

Via della Certosa, 18 - 40133 Bologna (BO)

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S. Girolamo della Certosa is an ancient and imposing monastic centre located on the west side of the city, that has become a public cemetery during the last century.  It was named after the Carthusian Order that settled here in 1333. The church was consecrated in 1359 and at the beginning of the 17th century a new bell tower was added to the little belfry of the 14th century.
The rich in works of art interior is set out in an unusual overturned T-shaped plan. Here you can admire remarkable paintings realised by the masters of the bolognese school, and a precious wooden choir inlayed by Biagio de' Marchi in 1539. The Church has a gothic style and still preserves the typical structure of the monastic churches, where the area of the monks and that of the believers used to be totally separated.
The church is surrounded by four chapels where there are paintings and images previously belonging to churches suppressed by Napoleon, including San Bernardo di Siena by Amico Aspertini and some holy images that now can be found in the Chiostrino delle Madonne (a little cloister).

Source: Curia Arcivescovile and Le Chiese di Bologna (L'Inchiostroblu)

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Every day: summer 8,00am - 12,00pm and 2,00pm -5,45pm; winter 8,00am - 12,00pm and 2,00pm - 4,45pm. During the religious services, the tourist visit could be limited or suspended. Opening times can be subjected to little changes. For further information please call: Curia Arcivescovile tel. 051 6480611.

Chiesa di San Girolamo della Certosa