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Jewish cemetery at the Certosa of Bologna

Via della Certosa, 18 - 40133 Bologna (BO)

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The Jewish cemetery is part of the city's “Certosa” and is accessed through the church in Via della Certosa. This burial  ground dates back to second half of the 1800s and was created through the efforts of Rabbi Marco Momigliano who, as he recounts in his Memorie, managed to acquire a section of city land with the help of other members of the community, which they fenced in and provided with an adequate funeral hall.
The cemetery is currently divided into three sections, each added over time and linked together. It has two entrances, one most interesting section of the cemetery contains monumental tombstones that bear the names of the Muggia, Zabban and Zamorani families. Also of interest is Alberto Sanguinetti's tombstone, which is in Liberty style.


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Jewish cemetery