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Piazza VIII Agosto

Piazza 8 agosto – 40126 Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 05/06/2018, 17:06

The origins of this area, now known as Piazza VIII Agosto, may be traced back to the ancient Roman Empire. The area was acquired by the Municipality of Bologna in 1219 and from 1251 it came to be known as Piazza del Mercato because here the cattle market used to take place.

After hosting several activities, during the napoleonic era Piazza del Mercato became Piazza D'Armi because here military training was organized. On 8th August 1848 the inhabitans of Bologna won against the Austrian army and decided to rename the square which hosted the battle to homage that victory. From that moment on, the square came to be known as Piazza VIII Agosto and the statue by Pasquale Rizzoli, Monumento al Popolano, still recalls it.

At present, every week on Friday and Saturday, the historic market “La Piazzola” animates Piazza VIII Agosto and the nearby Parco della Montagnola with more than 400 stands.

Source:  "Le Piazze di Bologna" (L'inchiostroblu)