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Palazzo Dal Monte Gaudenzi

Via Galliera, 3 - 40121 Bologna (BO)

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The palazzo is found in Via Galliera, which in its day was called Grand Canal of Bologna. It originated as a cardo maximus in the Roman period and has always shone owing to the elegance and sophistication of its palazzi. It continues to stand out for its importance today.
Panfilio Dal Monte, a teacher of the University of Bologna, had Palazzo Dal Monte Gaudenzi restored in 1529. It is difficult to establish with certainty to whom Panfilio commissioned the restoration work. The most accredited theory attributes the responsibility for the façade to the artist from Modena Andrea Marchesi da Formigine, who was probably helped by the more famous architect Baldassarre Peruzzi, to whom the design of the building has been traced. Indeed, it shows some affinity with other palazzi in Bologna by the same author.
It has a sobre and elegant 16th century architectural layout that sets it apart from all the other palazzi of the street. The building boasts a sophisticate Renaissance Bologna style with its elegant loggia, Doric columns, porticoes, plaster decorations and works of art by Gaetano Gandolfi and Serafino Barozzi.
The building then became the property of the Angelelli family (1561), which however did not introduce any significant alterations until 1744, when the Marchese Roberto transferred the house to Biagio Monari, a big landowner and sharp businessman and afterwards to his son Stefano.
When owned by the Monari family, after whom the street to the right of the house is named, substantial changes were made. The building was enlarged on the back and on the south side after authorisation was obtained from the Senate. The interiors underwent radical changes: the halls were richly decorated with stucco bas-reliefs by the master mason Giovanni Storni and with paintings by the brothers Serafino and Giuseppe Barozzi. The fresco depicting the Rape of Deianira (Hercules' bride) was painted by Gaetano Gandolfi in the large octagonal trompe-l'oeil of the grand staircase. The exterior as well underwent a few changes. The coats of arms of the Monte family were removed from the ornaments of the portico and from the cornice, the small front balcony and the open gallery in the inner garden were added and, lastly, the palazzo was made taller with the addition of a top floor slightly set back in late 18th century style, on which a small tower was erected.
Over the centuries the building changed hands from one owner to the next, until when, in December 1972, Prof. Augusto Gaudenzi gave the palazzo to the University of Bologna to use it for studying and researching History of Law.

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Palazzo Dal Monte Gaudenzi