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Conserva di Valverde

Via Bagni di Mario, 10 - 40136 Bologna (BO)

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Bagni di Mario was the name mistakenly given to the Valverde Conserva which, when discovered in the twentieth century, was supposed to be a place for thermal use, although in fact it has never been used for that purpose.
A Renaissance Cave (1563), performed by Tommaso Laureti, an architect from Palermo, was designed to feed the Neptune Fountain and other hydraulic features such as Orto dei Semplici (today the Covered Square of the former Sala Borsa).
The structure is set up on two levels.

Upper level: descending into the subsoil we see, in addition to a vestibule, a spectacular octagonal hall (dominated by a large cupola of the same shape) where, on the floor, eight small tanks have been built  to collect the water coming from four pipes leading to the Valverde.

By means of a decantation process the water came out purified. Inside the first tunnel there is a ventilation chimney completely covered by secular limestone incrustations. Along the upper level there is a second small octagonal chamber, called Cisternetta, equipped with an additional decanting tank, connected through a short staircase to the main hall. The water coming from this second chamber descended to the lower level through a special pipe.

Lower level: all waters from the upper level proceeded inside a brick tunnel close to the church of Santa Maria dell'Annunziata, where they merged with those of the Remondato duct (Fonte Remonda), which  collected the waters springing from San Michele in Bosco.
Source www.amicidelleacque.org/luoghi-e-storia/

The Conserva di Valverde can be visited via guided visits

The Conserva di Valverde can be visited via guided visits

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