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Tourist buses access to city center

Date of last update: 11/04/2018, 13:11

The historical center of Bologna (area inside the beltway) is an area with restricted access to tourist buses from 7.00 to 20.00 daily, including holidays:

A short stop is allowed to unloading of passengers in Porta S. Mamolo Square (next to the district Market) and in Piazza Malpighi for no more than 20 minutes. This temporary bus stop is on the east side of the square in direction of the city center. In order to reach the bus stop, the tourist buses can access only from Via Sant' Isaia along Piazza di Porta Sant'Isaia, Via Sant'Isaia, Piazza Malpighi (Tourist Bus stop). Exit from: via Marconi, Piazza dei Martiri 1943-1945, Via Don Minzoni (up to the ring roads).

Suggested place for LOADING OF PASSENGERS: at  Bologna Bus Station in  Piazza  XX Settembre, where there is a welcome service for tourist buses.

Parking is not allowed in  Nettuno square.

Additional information on the website Mobilità e strade