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Tourist buses access to city center

Date of last update: 12/11/2018, 15:19

Access to Bologna’s historical city centre (the area inside the ring-road) is restricted to tourist buses between 7 am and 8 pm daily, festivities included:

In particular, tourist buses cannot circulate except for those heading towards hotels, as indicated below.

Upon accessing the historical city centre in piazza XX Settembre, the Bologna Bus Station can be used as a pick-up point for passengers. Coaches can also park  at the station - a charge is applied - (for further info and bookings, please refer to the Autostazione di Bologna website).

To  drop off passengers, tourist buses can use the bus stop in piazza di Porta San Mamolo (near the Mercato Rionale) for no more than 20 minutes. 

As of Saturday 15th September 2018, tourist buses wanting to access the restricted traffic zone to reach the bus stop in Piazza Malpighi (east side of the square towards the city centre) to collect and drop off passengers for a maximum period of 5 minutes have to pay an access ticket of  €100 per dayThe ticket can be purchased online at https://solweb.tper.it/sl/ticket-bus-turisticiIn order to reach the bus stop without being fined, buses will have to proceed along the following route: access from piazza di Porta S. Isaia, via S. Isaia, piazza Malpighi (Tourist Bus stop) and exit from via Marconi, piazza dei Martiri 1943-1945, via Don Minzoni (as far as the ring-road).

Access to the hotels located in the restricted traffic zones within the city centre remains unvaried. Access is always free and hotels are in charge of notifying the Municipal Authorities.
Finally, tourist buses using Bologna’s bus lanes outside the city centre will not be fined and no Municipal Authority notification is required.

It is not possible to stop in piazza Nettuno.

Further info at the Mobility and roads website