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Limited traffic area (ZTL) of the historical center - Accessibility to the hotels

Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 31/08/2018, 10:36

Much of the historic center of Bologna is the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL): from 7.00 to 20.00, every day, you can access it only with authorized vehicles. The area is monitored by SIRIO electronic surveillance.

To allow access to the hotels (including bed & breakfast) in the historic center, the managers shall communicate to the city of Bologna, through procedures agreed with the offices in charge, the license plates of customers. In this way the plates are inserted in the list of authorized entry in the LTZ and will not be fined.

For guest parking on the hotel’s road, there is a day pass, available at the facilities, including a Tper daily subscription: costs are € 9. The subscription is valid for parking in all pay parking areas (blue lines) of the city (center and outskirts).

The license is valid for 24 hours starting of the time of validation and to be valid it must contain:

vehicle registration (by customer)

identification stamp of accommodation, date and time validation (by the operator)

Must be displayed conspicuously on the windshield.


 Download ZTL map and read further details on the website Mobilità e strade