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Thermal baths for all seasons

Updated on 06 April 2020 From Comune di Bologna

Bologna and its territory are brimming with culture, experiences and excellent food and wine. But should tiredness take over from walking and exploring, don't miss the opportunity to regenerate your body and mind in the many spas the territory has to offer. 

If you are staying in the city, it is well worth the effort to reach the historic Terme Felsinee, at the foot of San Luca, or else, on the western outskirts of the city, the Terme San Luca, affiliated with the National Health Service and classified at the highest level.

Relaxing and indulging in some quality time for yourself is sometimes really necessary as well as extremely gratifying, especially after a day full of activities in the mountains. Wellbeing routes in the vicinity of ski resorts abound and provide excellent quality, starting with Porretta Terme, whose fourteen springs supply water with exceptional characteristics. Known since Roman times for their curative and medical properties, the Porretta spa is the ideal solution for explorers descending from Mount Corno alle Scale...on snowshoes!

While remaining in the Apennines, the Villaggio della Salute più in Monterenzio can boast a privileged position between the mountains and the foothills of Bologna, ensuring a mild climate both in summer and winter. From thermal cures to e-bike experiences, a stay at the establishment is definitely one to remember.

On the way back from a ski trip to Mount Cimone, you should definitely stop at the Salvarola spa, the best known in Emilia Romagna, whose "divine" waters were once prescribed by Dr Giambattista Moreali as a therapeutic drink for his patients.

On the green Bolognese hills towards the Imola area you can find the natural springs of Castel San Pietro Terme, a "slow city" since 2005 for its high standards of quality of life and services provided to citizens and tourists, offering relaxation and wellness alongside many sporting activities.

In the Bolognese "bassa" (lowlands) visitors will find the Terme Acquabios, whose basin of bicarbonate-alkaline-sulphur thermal waters exploits a remote source of water from the mid-Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, lending it its characteristic yellow hue.

And what about you? Which establishment will you choose? Take a look here!

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