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Take a snowy ride on the Corno Express

Updated on 08 January 2024 From Bologna Welcome

Looking forward to pampering yourself with a steaming hot chocolate under the sun's rays shimmering on the snowy white mountainside? Or feeling alive on a downhill ski or snowboard? How about a toboggan race with friends or a group snowshoeing trip?

Take a snowy ride on the Corno Express

For those who wish to pull the plug on midweek days and breathe in some healthy mountain air alone or with the family.

For students who yearn for a break from university lectures or exams to enjoy a day on the slopes with friends.

The Corno alle Scale mountain together with Trenitalia Tper, Bologna Welcome and eXtraBO have come up with a practical and easy way to get to the snowy peaks at low cost!

From 8 January, going to the Corno gets cheaper

From Monday to Friday, all winter long, you can reach the slopes of Corno alle Scale by train and bus by purchasing the Corno Express ticket at the unbelievable price of:

  • €35 instead of €55 for adults
  • €30 instead of €50 for students, minors and affiliates
  • €15 instead of €30 for kids under 8 years 

What does the Corno Express include?

  1. Daily Skipass (skip the line)
  2. Trains to/from Bologna Centrale - Porretta Terme
  3. Bus to/from Porretta Terme - Corno Alle Scale
  4. Special discounts for your meal at mountain lodges 
  5. Special discounts for group ski lessons

Where can I buy it?

Buy the package at eXtraBO in Piazza del Nettuno 1/ab in Bologna or online, choosing whether to pick it up at the office or straight at the Train Station shortly before departure.

Got no equipment?

Rent helmets, snowshoes, skis and boots stress-free at the ski resort at a reduced cost of €15 for adults and €10 for children.

Going to the Corno with your own means?

Buy your daily ski pass already activated at eXtraBO in Piazza del Nettuno 1/ab in Bologna to skip the line at the lifts.

More time and fun for you on the slopes!

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