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Starred restaurants in Bologna

Updated on 29 August 2023 From Bologna Welcome

Bologna's extracultural scene is undoubtedly dominated by an unparalleled gastronomic tradition. If you're visiting here, you are surely familiar with the local dishes and may have appreciated their preparation, raw materials and authenticity more than once.

Why not go further afield, where cuisine meets the experience of tradition, creativity blends with regional and international influences, and the ingenuity of skilled hands combines with the quality of local gastronomic excellence in a journey among the starred restaurants in and around Bologna. 

Five restaurants can boast one or more Michelin stars for 2023 in the Bologna area: Ristorante I Portici (Bologna), Ristorante Iacobucci (Castel Maggiore), Trattoria Amerigo (Savigno), Casa Mazzucchelli (Sasso Marconi) with 1 star and Ristorante San Domenico (Imola) with 2 stars.

1 Michelin star

1. Ristorante I Portici, Bologna

The only Michelin-starred restaurant in the historic centre of Bologna, it is located at Via Indipendenza No. 69 in a historic late 19th-century palazzo, Palazzo Maccaferri. Their cuisine has a creative, contemporary and high-quality flavour, punctuated by finely balanced ingredients. The indoor dining room has been adapted from the charming late 19th-century café-chantant, whilst a more intimate space is available for exclusive experiences in the 14th-century icehouse right above their lavish wine cellar, also open for lunch during the summer months of 2024. An excellent opportunity to experience Chef Nicola Annunziata's cuisine from the à la Carte Menu or the Tasting Menu.


Broken spaghetti in rockfish extraction, tomato pesto, black olive powder, via

2. Ristorante Iacobucci, Castel Maggiore (BO)

A former residence in the Bolognese lowlands, at Via Ronco 1 in Castel Maggiore, Villa Zarri offers visitors a princely setting rich in frescoes, luxurious furnishings, antique furniture and large draperies. The contemporary cuisine of Michelin-starred chef Agostino Iacobucci proposes three tasting menus, from 10 to 12 courses, for an incredible journey into the flavours of the future. The vegetable ingredients are the restaurant's pride and joy, as they are hand-picked, directly by the restaurant team, from the garden surrounding the late 16th-century mansion.

Pigeon, Dragon's Blood plums and Parmesan quinoa, via IG @ristoranteiacobucci

3. Trattoria Amerigo, Savigno (BO)

The sheltering mountain peaks of the Emilian Apennines are home to the Trattoria Amerigo, at Via Marconi 16 in Savigno, a small village near Bologna. Here the atmosphere is definitely more familiar and typical of old country inns, a meeting place to spend time after work as well as the village's first TV room. The cuisine still retains the authentic and genuine, unmistakable hallmarks of the Emilian tradition. Immersed in a riot of sauces, game and the prized local white truffle, your taste buds will be singing with delight until you come back.

Cherry savarin, via IG @amerigo1934

4. Casa Mazzucchelli, Sasso Marconi (BO)

Just beyond the village of Colle Ameno, in Sasso Marconi, lies Casa Mazzucchelli, the restaurant recently awarded a star by Chef Aurora Mazzucchelli, who has managed to intrigue the strictest culinary critics of the Michelin Guide. The experience offered by the restaurant is that of reliving familiar flavours and the enveloping warmth of home, with a menu that also looks to the contemporary and innovative, which never hurts. Try it to believe!

Casa Mazzucchelli ©Benedetta Bassanelli and Laura Frasca

2 Michelin stars

1. Ristorante San Domenico, Imola (BO)

Founded back in 1970, Ristorante San Domenico is located at Via G. Sacchi 1 in Imola boasting two Michelin stars. Just a few kilometres from Bologna, the gourmet delights begin in their dining room of just 20 tables, where you can breathe in a fairytale atmosphere with its decorated linen ceilings, silver underplates and fine Imola ceramics. The jewel in the crown is Saletta 22 where you can indulge in a blind menu of the chef's choice. The cuisine is contemporary, refined and beautifully designed, with a strong and clear message: cuisine and hospitality are pure culture.

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