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How to spend your New Year's Eve in Bologna

Posted on 20 December 2021 From Bologna Welcome

Still not sure what to do on New Year's Eve? Don't worry. 
The following guidelines will provide you with an overview of the many possibilities awaiting visitors during the most glittering period of the year in Bologna. From exhibitions to theatres, from food stands to dance floors, the desire to celebrate is always guaranteed. 
Have fun!



There is no holiday for culture, and even during the festivities many exhibitions are waiting to be discovered in the city and beyond, starting from the beautiful exhibition of Antonio Canova and Bologna hosted at the Pinacoteca Nazionale (open 31 December, closed 1 January), Giovanni Boldini at Palazzo Albergati (open 31 December and 1 January), and Frida Kahlo at Palazzo Belloni (open 31 December, closed 1 January).

Also, consider stopping off at the exhibitions Bologna: Dicono di Lei (open 31 December and 1 january);  Faïence - Faenza: from Ancient Egypt to the Contemporary Age at the Civic Archaeological Museum (open 31 December and 1 January),Glass from the Renaissance to the 19th Century at the Civic Mediaeval Museum (open 31 December) and The Genius within the Bones at Palazzo Poggi (open 31 December).

Plus, Minima Infinita at the MAGI '900 Museum (open 31 December), Wolfango's Dante at Santa Maria della Vita (open 31 December and 1 January), Jurassic Experience at DUMBO (open 1 January), Real Bodies Experience at Palazzo Pallavicini (open 1 January) and many more.

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Treat yourself to a visit to the city's most iconic landmarks such as Palazzo Re Enzo, open exceptionally to the public with an audio guide on 31 December and 1 January, or work off those big holiday meals by climbing the 498 steps of the Asinelli Tower, open on 31 December and 1 January.

Or enjoy the most beautiful and unparalleled view of Piazza Maggiore from the Clock Tower, open on 31 December and 1 January, including an audio guide.

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Dig up that elegant dress you've been hiding in your wardrobe for too long and head to the theatre.

If dance is your thing, don't miss Don Juan at the Teatro Comunale (29-31/12 and 2 January), while music enthusiasts can enjoy Oblivion Rhapsody at the Duse Theatre (30 December -2 January) and Neri Marcorè: Le mie canzoni altrui, at the Europauditorium Theatre (on stage 31 December).

Italian drama hits the stage at Teatro Celebrazioni with Vito: La felicità è un pacco (on stage 29 December - 9 January), and at Cinema Teatro Tivoli with the comedies in bolognese language Veleno per topi (on stage 31 December) and at Teatro Dehon Flower Power (on stage 31 December).



Sequins, bow ties, lacquered shoes or comfortable clothing and a strong desire to dance?

You'll be spoilt for choice at FICO on New Year's Eve. 15 restaurants, kids enterteinment and many music shows to be enjoyed safely from your restaurant table.

Join in the midnight celebrations at Bologna's most elegant hotels such as Relais Bellaria, Grand Hotel Majestic, Boutique Hotel Calzavecchio, The Sydney Hotel,  Savoia Hotel Regency & Ristorante Garganelli  and Living Place Hotel, or opt for an intimate family atmosphere at Cantina Bentivoglio, Polpette e Crescentine and Mangiamoci su da Gio.

For Moscow Circus lovers, New Year's Eve at Parco Nord will be truly one to remember!

Not on this list? Report your New Year's Eve event at redazione@bolognawelcome.it

Compliance and proper fulfilment of the anti-Covid measures currently in force are at the discretion of the individual event organisers.


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