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Fresh pasta in Bologna

Updated on 06 March 2020 From Comune di Bologna

Bologna's culinary tradition has made the city famous throughout the world, with many of the recipes tracing their roots back to the kitchens of the Bolognese arzdore (dialect for housewives), handed down in the family from generation to generation. 

The extensive list of recipes is undoubtedly championed by fresh egg pasta, one of the most famous, tasty and versatile products used to make to tortelloni, tagliatelle, lasagne and a plethora of other appetising dishes. Tagliatelle and tortellini, by the way, are registered with the De. Co. mark (Denominazione Comunale, i.e. Municipal Denomination), a major recognition of cultural identity that once again reaffirms Bologna's gastronomic excellence.

Thin or coarse, smooth or thick, the Emilian pasta sheet comes in an endless number of variations, yet the basic ingredients are still simple and irreplaceable: flour, eggs, a lot of passion and strength in rolling it out by hand with the much-loved mattarello (rolling pin)!

However, not only is this tradition widespread in households, but also in shops, restaurants, workshops and cooking schools throughout the city and its surroundings. The local offer is thus not limited to buying and tasting the excellence of typical Emilian cuisine, but also allows you to put your hands to work by manually acquiring the secrets for perfect egg pasta, thanks to training courses held by real sfogline (pasta-makers).

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