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Aperitivo time

Updated on 04 March 2020 From Bologna Welcome

Be it Summer or winter, sunny or rainy, in Bologna it’s always time for an aperitivo (happy hour).

In this “aperitivo-driven “ itinerary, we propose to you some tips on the perfect places to have a drink or a snack with friends during your stay in Bologna.


Should you find yourself in the surroundings of Piazza Maggiore, then venture in one of the narrow alleys through the Quadrilatero district. The old medieval market is studded with gastronomic and traditional shops where you can enjoy a good cocktail and savour local products. Get lost amidst the tiny streets of the Quadrilatero and let yourself be tempted by the inviting scents of food and spices. You won’t be disappointed!


A perfect alternative could be Via Zamboni, the historic street of the old town that crosses the whole university district. In addition to the picturesque universities, the streets teem with innumerable cheap and student-friendly bars and pubs.

Come rain or shine, you shouldn’t miss the chance to have a dry aperitivo inside Mercato delle Erbe, the biggest covered market within the old town. Wander through the full stalls and their exquisite local products, such as cured meats and cheeses, and let yourself be inspired by the countless places for a well-deserved break and, why not, for a platter of cold cuts.


Finally, for a true experience in Bologna, we cannot but suggest a visit to Via del Pratello, where the Bolognese atmosphere of the ‘70s and ‘80s is still in the air. It is right here, for example, that Radio Alice was born. Walk around the many taverns and fully enjoy their bohemian souls. 


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