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Antique and vintage markets

Updated on 22 February 2023 From Bologna Welcome

Vintage lovers reporting for duty!

Bologna’s adoption of recycling culture and circular fashion has always been very strong, and this is clear from the abundance of second-hand and antique markets throughout the area. With all manner of trinkets, furnishings from bygone times, accessories and clothes with a story to tell, you won't know where to begin.

So get going by keeping an eye on these events in and around Bologna

The most famous is undoubtedly the Antiques Market in Via Santo Stefano, which takes place every second Saturday and Sunday of the month, except July and August (winter: 8.30 am-6 pm, summer: 8.30 am-7 pm). It is situated in the charming Santo Stefano district, right in front of the Seven Churches complex, one of the city’s most famous historical and tourist attractions – a stop you should have in your itinerary. 

Along the shopping streets around via Indipendenza, a stop at the Antiques Market of Piazza VIII Agosto is a must for collectors. This is where the most unusual objects can be found. It is held every Thursday (winter: 8.30 am-5 pm, summer: 8.30 am-6 pm).

The Antiques Market in Via Matteotti (between via Tiarini and Piazza dell'Unità) is where lovers of modern antiques and vintage items will find a veritable treasure trove. About twenty exhibitors line up here offering wares of all kinds. The market is held on the first Tuesday of each month (winter: 8.30 am-5 pm, summer 8.30 am-6 pm) excluding July and August.

And then head on to the Second hand market, in the cloister of the Basilica of San Francesco. Open every day from May to June and November to January (9 am-12 noon, 3 pm-7 pm), here is where you will find vintage stalls for charitable purposes. An extra reason to visit the basilica and its enclosed gardens!

And finally, held only during the Christmas period from 8.30 am-7 pm, is the Antiques Fairunder the Voltone del Podestà, named thus because it was once a place of public hangings, as well as being an acoustically efficient place for public speaking: even the quietest voices could reach the far corners of the vault and those people who could not come nearer, such as lepers, for example. 

You can still experience the “cordless phone” effect. 

Try it and see for yourself!

Enthusiasm for recycling and antiques is just as strong in the area of Bologna. Follow the most popular and regular events.



  • The Castro Antiquarium Market is held in Castel San Pietro Terme on the last Sunday in April and October in 2023 from 8 am to 8 pm. Keep an eye on the calendar here
  • The Portici di Medicina Market exhibition is held in Medicina on every first Sunday of the month, except January, July and August, in the historic centre. Find information here
  • The Cose Antiche Market is held in the city centre arcade in Imola on the last Saturday and Sunday of the month from 8 am to 7.30 pm (except July and August).

Courtesy of iporticimedicina.it



The Vecchio e dell'Antico Market in Savigno is held every second Sunday of the month in the town’s historic centre from 9 am to 6 pm.


Incanti & Mercanti, the collectors’ antique market in Budrio is held every third Sunday of the month in the town centre (in the section between Via Bissolati, Via Marconi, Via Verdi, Piazza Matteotti and Piazza Filopanti) from dawn to dusk;

Look and ye shall find - things of bygone times in Pieve di Cento every fourth Sunday of the month

Antique market with used and craft objects for sale in San Pietro in Casale, held every first Saturday of the month in Piazza dei Martiri, Via Matteotti and Piazza Testoni

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