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Alessio Sansone, artists host for live music sessions

Updated on 31 March 2023 From Bologna Welcome

Exclusively for Promenade...

Alessio Sansone, photographer and videomaker, hosts musicians and emerging artists for musical performances at Salotto dell'Artista, the first aspiring Tiny Desk Concerts in Italy.

Tell us about your activity and its impact on the territory

Back in 2015, I was determined to lend a concrete helping hand to emerging music. So I created the Emerging Artists facebook page and started sharing videos and performances. During the pandemic, I also opened the Instagram page and changed the name: Il Salotto dell'Artista. In a short time, also thanks to the creation of music contests, the page gained a lot of support. The idea then dawned on me to find a place where I could physically invite artists. In April 2022, I finally found the perfect place!

After a period of experimentation, I eventually came up with the right format for the Lounge. Inspired by Tiny Desk and Colors, 2 American formats, my vision was to devise the first Italian Live Session to be recognised nationwide and beyond.

Tomorrow's Bologna: what do you expect and what do you wish to find?

I dream of a Bologna somewhat still bound to its traditions, to its authenticity. As much as it is already doing a lot, Bologna could give even more prominence and space to music. The idea of music is often associated with other cities and that is why I wish Bologna could be home to more established and recognised realities on the Italian music scene. For example, record companies, production studios, formats, events, etc.

We are the city with the highest concentration of art and what is missing is precisely the channels used to disseminate it.

Are there any curiosities connected to your activity?

Although I lacked suitable equipment, space and staff to help me, I still managed to spread Il Salotto everywhere!

I used to host artists inside the window of a clothing shop. I convinced a theatre to let me film content inside the foyer. For a while I even thought of creating a set in the street, in the city centre. In short, despite everything, I knew that sooner or later Il Salotto would find its own place right here in Bologna!


Your favourite places off the beaten track?  

I often pick up my car and drive into the small villages where I used to live as a child. The centre of Medicina, where time seems to flow differently, always gives me a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Partly thanks to the "Barbarossa" Festival, Medicina somehow manages to take you back to an ancient time and the surrounding countryside has a healing power for the soul, or at least for mine!

Your favourite Bolognese word and why

My favourite Bolognese word is balotta, understood as a moment of true exchange of life and energy shared with people you may not even know. In Bologna this happens often, you go out for a beer and find yourself at a table with people you've never seen before with whom you decide to share laughter and deep thoughts to fill your heart and soul.

Bologna is balotta, sharing, art! 

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