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Accessible paths

Updated on 10 July 2023 From Bologna Welcome

Bologna has walking trails for all tastes, suitable for adults, children and people with disabilities.

The Path of the Gods and the Wool and Silk Road are two major hiking routes in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, accessible to people with motor, visual and cognitive disabilities both on foot and by bicycle.

The experiences offered by associations such as AppenninoSlow, NoisyVision Onlus, Fondazione per lo Sport Silvia Parente and La Girobussola combine the enjoyment of sport, and desire to be part of the community, with the need to be in touch with nature, making new adventures available to everyone, without prejudice of any kind.

A stretch of the Piccola Cassia route is also accessible: this has been confirmed by the Klick’s on way project of the FreewheelsOnlus association, which has promoted an excursion from Piacenza to the Cisa Pass.

Some trails are accessible not only on foot, but also by hand bike, tandem and mountain bike, for example the one in the Sillaro Valley, with four itineraries combining culture and food & wine; the one from Castelluccio to Madonna del Faggio and the off-road circuits of the Bologna Montana Bike Area.

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