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Filuzzi at the Square

Date: 14/08/2019

Piazza Maggiore

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Great performers of the Filuzzi dance and the Petronian dance will be rolling on the Piazza Maggiore stage in a popular show which recalls the tradition and modernizes it with new technologies and sonorities.

A night of joy dancing in the middle of the square and feeling the emotions of music and ballroom dancing in the “Bolognese” style.

Stars of the night:
• Massimo Budriesi Orchestra
• Barbara Lucchi & Massimo Venturi Orchestra
• Marco Marcheselli and the Bolognese pipe organ
• Fausto Carpani and the sung dialect
• Carlo Pelagalli and the narration of Filuzzi’s history through exclusive pictures

With the special participation of Andrea Mingardi 

Leading the show Mauro Malaguti from Radio Sanluchino

  • Date: 14/08/2019