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Bologna has a continental climate, without any influence from the seaside; the Climatic Classification is ""zone E, 2259 GR/G"".

The winters here can be cold and snow is never lacking, sometimes it is quite abundant.

Summers are hot and muggy due to the high humidity in this area, and they can be long, July and August are the hottest months, but the records tell us that sometimes in June and September maximum temperatures reached 30°C

Spring and fall are, in general, mild and rainy and quite short. Average precipitation oscillates, depending on the year, between 500 mm and more than 1000 mm and usually the 70% of precipitations are in spring or fall.

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The numbers of Bologna


Postcode.: 40121-40141
Area sq. km: 140.73
Altitude: 54 m above sea level

Population: 389.261 units (December 31, 2017)
Population Density: 2,766.01 inhabitants / km ²

Hamlets: Bargellino, Borgo Panigale, Casaglia, Casteldebole, Corticella, Croce del Biacco, Dozza, Frabazza, Gaibola, Lavino di Mezzo, Monte Donato, Noce, Paderno, Pilastro, Quarto Superiore, Rigosa, Roncrio, Roveri (industrial area), San Nicolò di Villola, Sabbiuno di Montagna, San Sisto, Sostegno

Neighboring municipalities: Anzola dell'Emilia, Calderara di Reno, Casalecchio di Reno, Castel Maggiore, Castenaso, Granarolo dell'Emilia, Pianoro, San Lazzaro di Savena, Sasso Marconi, Zola Predosa

Area Code: 051
Time zone: UTC +1
Land Register Code: A944
Car Registration Code: BO
Seismic Category: Zone 3 (low seismic city)
Climate Category: Zone E, 2259 GG

Inhabitants name: Bolognese, Felsinei (from “Felsina” the Etruscan name of the ancient Bologna and Petroniani (from the name of the Patron Saint)

Patron Saint: San Petronio
Feast day: October 4th

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