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Promenade in Bologna

A stroll among the historical shops

Shopping in Bologna is one of many things: design, craftsmanship, food specialities, musical instruments, and much more. As you walk through town, you will come to know the shops where artisan and artistic skills are put to work with creativity and innovation. You will find brightly coloured markets where intense scents intertwine with the bubbly chatter of merchants and customers. And you will discover little boutiques where time has stopped and where luxury and glamour fill the porticos and eyes that are attentive. Invent your own promenade through the stores, boutiques and shops of the historical centre. And don't forget to plunge in the delicious speciality food types Bologna has to offer.

Design your own Promenade

Galleria Cavour

Galleria Cavour

The heart of the luxury shopping in Bologna, since 1959