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Why Aren’t You In Bologna?

Why Aren’t You In Bologna?

Article published in  Travel Blogger Hecktictravels

“Why are you in Bologna?”  Our new friend Giorgia asked, at our first meeting over coffee, “Why did you choose Bologna over Rome, Florence and others?” Several times over the course of the next few days she would repeat this same question, and enthusiastically relay our path to others that we met. She found it very hard to believe that our Italy travel itinerary did not include the other hugely popular Italian spots.

We explained our journey and the fact that we have been to Rome and Florence before. We confessed that Bologna hadn’t originally been on our map until a good friend had told us that it was certainly worth a stop.

Popular for business meetings and conventions, Bologna has all the infrastructure to host outsiders, but very few actual tourists. After three days in the city, we became completely perplexed as to why this is. It has all the charm you’d expect from an Italian metropolis, and more…


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