Welcome is Bologna

ROUGE GRASSE, SAVANTE. Le paradis des gourmands

ROUGE GRASSE, SAVANTE. Le paradis des gourmands

"Welcome to the city of towers. Bologna once counted 180 towers, built as a sign of wealth from richer families, that gave the city a characteristic silhouette. Only twenty of these buildings are still alive today, braving the weather, lightning, war and the gradual lowering of the foundations.

Among them,there are the Asinelli tower and its twin Garisenda, that become the symbol of Bologna. The first murmurs and groans resound in the dark; There are 498 steps to climb to get to 98 meters above the ground. A must for any visitor. Inevitably, it goes against some expected, because the stairs are too narrow to make pass a large number of people. About this tower there is a legend: bad luck falls on students who have the audacity to climb the tower before the end of their academic career. "

(excerpt from the article appeared on the "Via" magazine)

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