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Alma Mater of Bologna. The world first Reunion of former students in June

Alma Mater of Bologna. The world first Reunion of former students in June


HUNTING FOR SPONSORS AND FAMOUS GRADUATES; DIONIGI: OCCUPIED CITY –  (DIRE) - Bologna, 2nd December – It's time for the “Reunion” of Alma Mater of Bologna. Like a big meeting of Harley Davidson fans (usually held over the ocean), the University of Bologna will gather its graduates and former students from four continents under the two Towers for three days of science, culture and performances.

The world first reunion of former students of Alma Mater of Bologna will take place from 19th to 21th June 2015 and it will be opened with a ceremony of conferring the doctor's degree to about 400-500 candidates at Piazza Maggiore.

“It will be a way of our presentation,” - as underlined by Ivano Dionigi, the university's rector – “a nice confrontation of the past and the present.” About one year ago, the rector gave the input to a census of all graduates of the University of Bologna “that have become successful” and to invite all of them “famous or not, including honoris causa graduates:  all on the same platform,” Dionigi confirmed.

Hundreds of thousands people can potentially arrive. “Bologna will be occupied by its students,” the rector said. “There are 15000 graduates every year. It will be a great challenge and I don't know how it will finish. I hope that many of graduates will arrive, so many that the event would be uncontrollable.” Dionigi was given a start-up contribution from the Fondazione del Monte to organise the event, he has charged the Fondazione Alma Mater to be the “operative hand” of the whole initiative and he has chosen the agency (comprising by Best Union HBComm and MEC&Partners) for the sponsors hunting. “We will take contacts with all institutions and private companies,” Dionigi said. “Bologna will be the midpoint and can benefit from the event.” There is no limit for the resource collecting – the programme of the event will correspond to the collected budget.

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