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The Castle of Bentivoglio

Bentivoglio was named after a noble Bolognese Signoria and owes its development to the Navile Canal, the waterway closely linked to the Italian Silk Road and to the commercial growth of the city of Bologna.

Along the Navile are spotted the main points of interest of Bentivoglio. At the center of the town, on the canal riverside, lies the Palazzo Rosso (Red Palace) with its stunning decorations in Bolognese Liberty style, known as Æmilia Ars. The same building hosts the Mulino di Bentivoglio (Bentivoglio Mill), a jewel of the Bolognese industrial archaeology. On the opposite riverside lies the Castle, built by Bentivoglio Family as a place for amusement and hunt.

Leaving the town center towards the locality San Marino, the fascinating Villa Smeraldi and its park is worth a visit. The place also hosts a Museum of the Rural Culture unique of its kind, dedicated to the rural tradition of the Bolognese Plain.

Nature lovers can move a few kilometers north from Bentivoglio and visit the interesting Oasis La Rizza: an open-air museum of biodiversity where white storks and many other species can be spotted.

As remind of one of the ancient local activities, the hemp processing, is still possibile to see along the countryside dirt roads some old “Maceri”, the small artificial basins used to pulp the hemp.