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commercial farms

Aldrovandi Vivai

The combination of tradition and new technologies employed to create classic tree and shrub gardens, hanging gardens, penthouse pot and vase arrangements or ready lawns

address: Via Roma, 102, Granarolo dell'Emilia Granarolo Dell'Emilia (BO)

Bertuzzi Gabriele

Commercial farm located in Bologna specialising in plants and flowers

address: Via Villanova 1, 40138 Bologna Bologna (BO)


Winery founded in 1972 that conveys the unique characteristics of the territory and  vineyards as accurately as possible

address: Via E. Roda 19/1, 40050 Monte San Pietro Bologna (BO)


Dell'Ortica project grew from our desire to preserve the territory and make it known, promoting the contact with nature and with the peculiarity of this small slice of the world, being a Learning Farm is the best way to do it.

address: Via Chiesa Vecchia, 1456,Loc. S.Croce, Valsamoggia Savigno (BO) ph: +39 328 6335529 email: website: opening hours: 9:00-18:00 entrance:

Everyday from April until November
Winter time excursions only upon request


Nursery located in the town of Nonantola specialized in the production of annuals for balconies and pots

address: Via Maestra Redù 91, 41015 Nonantola Bologna (BO)

Franceschelli Luca

Company focus aromatic herbs, vase and balcony plants, bonsai and pre-bonsai trees

address: Via Olmetola 78, 40132 Bologna Bologna (BO)

Hortus Coeli

Small commercial farm specialized in cultivation of niche organic products

address: Via Iano 5/2, Sasso Marconi Bologna (BO)

Il Semenzaio

Company specialized in outdoor and vase plants and focus mainly on shrub varieties

address: Via Provinciale 55/a, 40053 Crespellano Bologna (BO)

La Bottega del Contadino

Working with local meat fully respecting farming traditions is the key of the the commercial farm La Bottega del Contadino

address: Via Frignanense 5849, 41054 Marano sul Panaro Bologna (BO)

Le Rovine

Family business established in 1985 surrounded by the Bologna hills 

address: Via dei Gruppi 5, 40065 Livergnano Bologna (BO)

Le Vagliaghe

Company that manages the entire wheat production process - from sowing to harvesting and down to milling - and sells  almost forgotten bakery products

address: Via Vereta 391, 41055 Montese Bologna (BO)

Piazza Martino

Production of vegetables and honey

address: Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 40053 Valsamoggia Bologna (BO)

Regnani Claudio e Guazzaloca Monica s.s.

Company focused on the production of vegetables

address: Via Marco Emilio Lepido 387, 40132 Bologna Bologna (BO)

Silvia Rossi

Great variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables reflecting what is freshly available at that time of year

address: Via I. Gozzoli 414, 41056 Savignano sul Panaro Bologna (BO)