Welcome is Bologna

Via San Felice

Via San Felice is the long street connecting the “T” area to the avenues of Bologna and it’s an interesting fashion district.

Here you’ll find shops with interesting and lovely clothes, suitable to all tastes and ages.

It’s also particularly interesting for the presence of shoe stores: this is the paradise for shoes lovers.

Via San Felice is also the street of fashion boutiques and artisanal goldsmith labs. Definitely worth a visit!

ACQUE & SAPONI: perfumery, 73/a

BARROW: clothes&Fashion-man, 32

CITTA' DEL SOLE: toys shop, 81

CRETE pièce unique: home-ware&Forniture, 48/a

DANIELE PIFFERI: jewellery store, 37/a

ENNIO: perfumery, 22

FRANCESCO TASSI: optical store, 29

GRIGIO FUMO: tobacco shop, 83/e

MESTICHERIA BOLOGNESE: home-ware&Forniturea, 21/gh

PARMIGIANI: clothes&Fashion-lingerie, 45/a


SERENDIPITY: home-ware&Forniture, 45

SETTANTATRE' LR: clothes&Fashion- accessories, 21/d

SUPPERCLUB:clothes&Fashion-woman, 38/c

TOZZI: clothes&Fashion-woman, 28

TRATTORIA DA ME: food and drink - restaurant, 50/a

VELENTINI: food and drink -bakery and pasta factory, 67/a