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Sapore di Casa - Cooking from the World in Bologna

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Four-handed cooking lessons and food culture: chef and anthropologist Giuseppina Siotto meets professional and non-professional cooks from different parts of the world to present the class.

Sapore Di Casa is a research project initiated in 2011 with the aim of studying and sharing family tastes of some 150 nations represented in Bologna among its residents. 150 different ways of tasting and seeing the world, that all live together in the city, along with those of people from the various regions of Italy.

During the lessons you'll be able to practice different ways of cooking in their most essential and true expression: homemade cooking, the one of the place where people grew up. Through the flavors that accompanied the childhood and life of the protagonists of each evening, it will be possible to discover knowledge and rituals that are at risk of being lost.
You'll be able to approach new techniques, ingredients, and different aspects of cultural identity while cooking.

The classes are open to a maximum of 20 people. They will be structured on  material that Giuseppina Siotto collected from interviews with witnesses of culinary and gastronomic family traditions.

The calendar is organized according to the time needed for the research, which also determines the itinerant nature of the appointments.
The schedule of this project Sapore Di Casa will be communicated from time to time through the dedicated FB page (see below for the link to the website).

The venue for the lessons will be communicated right before each appointment, either by Facebook or by press.

The class schedule will be communicated right before each appointment, either by Facebook or by press.

Sapore di Casa