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L'antica arte della sfoglia, come diventare autentici sfoglini is a course organized by Gruppo Girasole with the participation of InPasta, Associazione Italiana Ristorazione and Santacandida.

This course will transform simple passion for cooking in a real art that could turn to be, for motivated participants only, a professional activity. Exceptional Trainer for this activity will be Elisabetta Martelli, Entrepreneur in tourism, Chef and Sommelier.

The course will be given in Italian only and will deal with topics such as the production of fresh pasta, the handworking of mixture, the preparation of colourful mixture and the technique for preparing ‘sfoglia’ for special pasta type.

Opening hours of the Center:
Monday-Friday 9.00am-12.30pm and 3.00pm-7.00pm


Course location
Polisportiva Progresso
Via Lirone 46
Castelmaggiore (BO)