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Osteria Porta Castello

Osteria Porta Castello

Piazza Garibaldi, 7/8/9 - 40053 Bazzano (BO)

Cuisine Italian regional, Creative



  • Stockfish “mantecato” (creamed with olive oil) served on crispy toasts
  • “Soppressa veneta” ( ready-sliced salami from Venice region) with sweet-and-sour vegetables
  • Smoked goose breast served with butter and toasts
  • “Bresaola della Valtellina” (air-cured-beef), pear and sheep milk cheese with balsamic vinegar
  • Italian pie with pumpkin and “taleggio” cheese

First courses

  • “Gnocchi Porta Castello” ( made with bread, “ricotta” cheese and spinach and seasoned with butter and nutmeg
  • Leek and potato soup with croutons and “taleggio” cheese
  • “Tortelloni” ( ravioli-like) filled with pumpkin and seasoned Bolognaise sauce
  • Fresh “Orecchiette” ( fresh Italian pasta) with broccoli, garlic and anchovies
  • Onion soupe French style

Main courses

  • “Chevre Salad” french style (mixed salad with grilled goat’s cheese on crispy toasts)
  • Pork filet with brandy sauce
  • Chicken breast curry sauce with brown rice
  • Beef jowl cooked in red wine sauce
  • Sardines “in saor” Venitian style ( fried sardines, marinated in vinegar and onions sauce) served on crispy “polenta” (grilled corn mush)
  • Selection of local cheeses with red onion preserve
  • Selection of Italian cured meats ( Parma ham, salami, “soppressa”, “mortadella” )


  • Tiramisù
  • Apple and cinnamon pie
  • Pear and chocolate cake served with Chantilly cream
  • “Panna Cotta” with orange and salted caramel
  • Orange and “ricotta cheese” cake
  • “Tenerina”, (dark chocolate cake)
Ristorante Alla Rocca

Ristorante Alla Rocca

Via Matteotti, 76 - 40053 Bazzano (BO)

Cuisine Bolognese (traditional), Italian regional, Seafood


“Tortellini dorati”, handmade by our Chefs, following the same recipe from 1796, year of our Restaurant’s establishment.

“Fritto misto della Rocca”, bread-crusted mixed meats, vegetables, fruit, and custard

Filet "Monsignore" Style with truffles

Ristorante Giocondo

Ristorante Giocondo

Via Leonardo da Vinci, 19/2 - 40069 Zola Predosa (BO)

Cuisine Bolognese (traditional)

Agriturismo Guardastelle

Agriturismo Guardastelle

via Pradalbino, 20/1 - 40050 Monte San Pietro (BO)

Cuisine Bolognese (traditional), Creative


Tortelloni: home made pasta filled with mascarpone cheese, cooked with butter and thyme.

Panna cotta: milk cream cooked in the oven.