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Bravo Caffè

Via Mascarella, 1 - 40126 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 266112

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The Bravo Caffè - open until late every night - offers a cuisine that in no way comes second to the many concerts which have made it a famous venue (Suzanne Vega, Mario Biondi, Raphael Gualazzi, Matt Bianco...)

Some of the dishes you can find on the Bravo's summer menu: Goat's milk ricotta cheese mousse with soused zucchini; Meat “rifreddo” with home-made mayonnaise, Modenese tagliatelle (long flat pasta) in rabbit's meat ragù sauce, meat and spinach tortellaci (large stuffed pasta) served with fresh porcini mushrooms, steamed rib steak served sliced with fresh herb sauce, pork fillet with black sesame on whipped navy beans, calamari and shrimp served with zucchini quenelle and saffron fennel sauce, creamed salted codfish mousse with whole wheat croûtons on a fresh pea sauce, red beet tagliatelle on a fresh pea sauce and European perch, shrimp ravioli with an anchovy drizzle, angler baked in tinfoil wrapping with cherry tomatoes and Cailletier olives, mini buffalo's milk ricotta pies with Amedei chocolate mousse...

In the spring, our menu made up of 'on Land' ingredients is joined with foods from the Sea.


Wine cellar

Our wine cellar offers a vast selection of wines. All are high quality.

Since we believe that local territory should come first and be promoted, especially when it is as rich as the Italian territory, among the almost 300 labels we carry, the most distinguished are local, featuring the best producers in the Bolognese hills and a very rich selection of Sangiovese wines, for all tastes and budgets. Almost all regions on the Italian peninsula are represented.

The wine bar offers a wide variety of labels, always varied and able to satisfy all kinds of tastes. If you wish to taste a variety of wine which is not offered on the menu by the glass, we will open the bottle for you.


Locally brewed beers

The time is ripe for locally brewed Italian beers. And the Bravo is well-prepared. This year, the 75 cl bottles of Baladin beers, in their many varieties, are accompanied by 75 cl bottles of the fantastic  Birra del Borgo, brewed at one of Italy's finest breweries. Given the success of the larger size bottles, we have begun to carry the smaller size as well.



The bar is another of the Bravo's strong points. Located at its entrance, it is the club's reception desk. Generous choice in cocktails. Here, as well, we place maximum attention on our choice of products: we only Gin Gibson's, Rum Brugal, and Wodka Stolichnaya exclusively. For lovers of a good drink, we offer a spectacular list of rums, vodkas, and premium gins. To better enjoy these, we also offer tonic, lemon, and Fever Tree's ginger beer.



Local cuisine featuring tortellini, tortelloni (stuffed pasta), ravioli and all traditional pasta dishes, exclusively hand-made, and prepared following our own personal taste. Ingredients are local, seasonal, and carefully chosen; cured meats and cheeses come from small-scale local producers; Fassona meats arrive from Piedmont, blackberries from Romagna; we offer an ample choice of desserts, all home-made.

Restaurant Wine-bar
Italian regional
Seating capacity
Price range
Up to €20
Opening time


Tue-Sun: 07.00pm

Cooking starting time:

Tue-Thu: 08.00pm - 12.30am

Fri-Sat: 08.00pm - 02.00am

Sun: 08.00pm - 00.30am

Concert strating time:

Tue-Thu: 10.30pm

Fri-Sat: 11.00pm

Sun: 10.30pm

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Closing days
  • Monday
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Credit cards

  • Air conditioned
  • Wine list
  • Late dining
  • Live music
  • Goog for groups
  • Reservation required

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