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Bologna Welcome Aeroporto
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Race for the Cure 2019

Race for the Cure Bologna awaits you at Giardini Margherita in Bologna.

start date:20/09/2019 final date:22/09/2019 address: Piazzale Jacchia, Giardini Margherita Bologna rif map iat: F-6 ph: +39 051 6225976 email: website: hours: 20th - 21st September: 10 am - 7 pm 22nd September: 10 am - 1 pm entrance:

Free entry with a 13 euros minimum donation.

Trekking col treno 2019

Exploring the Bologna surroundings on foot, by bike, by train and by bus

start date: 3/03/2019 final date: 1/12/2019 address: luoghi vari email: website: hours: see detailed programme entrance:

Participation is open to everybody. Fee: 2 euros for CAI members, 5 euros for non-members. The fee doesn’t include transports, that are at the expense of the participant.

MicroBo Beer Festival

11 Italian breweries, over 100 beers on tap, 1 Corner of cans from all over the world, 1 Sour Corner, workshops for curious and passionate, quality street food and lots of fun

start date:20/09/2019 final date:22/09/2019 address: Parco di Villa Cassarini - Porta Saragozza rif map iat: E-2 ph: +393289153766 email: website: hours: Friday 20 from 18:00 to 01:00 Saturday 21 from 16:00 to 01:00 Sunday 22nd from 12:00 to 24:00 entrance:

Free admission

For beer tastings it is mandatory to buy a glass of the festival for € 4 which also includes the glass holder and the guide to the beers of the festival.

Grand Tour Emil Banca 2019

Grand Tour Emil Banca presents four Sundays packed with special events to enhance the natural, cultural and food and wine heritage of the territories.

start date:12/05/2019 final date:13/10/2019 address: luoghi vari / different locations ph: +39 051 273861 website: entrance:


Sunset at Monte Grande

Sunset at Monte Grande.

start date:14/08/2019 final date:25/08/2019 address: Parco regionale del Corno alle Scale ph: +39349 4653877 email: hours: Start at 17:00 from Segavecchia (Pianaccio), ends at 22:00. entrance:

Info and bookings: Gianluca - 349 4653877 /


The "Paolo Borsellino" Cultural Services Area of the Municipality of Crevalcore has scheduled a cultural program of 12 events for the summer of 2019, between june and september

start date:20/08/2019 final date:14/09/2019 address: Crevalcore Frazioni Borghi ph: +39051 988558 email: website: hours: start 21:15 P.M. entrance:

free admission

Certosa of Bologna | Summer calendar

Theater, music, guided tours, many evening events to give voice to the monuments of the monumental cemetery of Bologna. The forms of the past, the discovery of the present.

start date:23/08/2019 final date:26/09/2019 address: Via della Certosa 18 rif map iat: m-9 ph: +39051225583 email: website: hours: Most events start at 9 pm. More details on the site entrance:

Info and reservation on

Origin Identity

From August 30th to September 1st, FICO will host Origin Identity, featuring meetings, exhibitions, markets, and workshops to get to know the PDO and PGI products of Italy and some guest European countries. 

start date:30/08/2019 final date: 1/09/2019 address: FICO - Via Paolo Canali, 8 email: website: hours: All day entrance:

Free entry Massimo

For 11 years the event gathers chefs from all over Italy to celebrate a day dedicated to fine food that is only meat of the Zivieri butchery, prepared in dishes that are able to satisfy any taste.

Date: 1/09/2019 address: Le Conchiglie, Via Lagune 76 email: website: hours: Open from 11.30 am until dusk entrance:

Admission with fee
Complete menu (water|bread|5 courses|5 wine by the glass/dessert) € 35,00
Reduced menu (water| bread|3 courses |beer or soft drink|dessert) € 23,00

Capsula Design Market September 2019

50 designers (bijoux, fashion design, interior design, illustration) and moreover, a rich program of events (live music, performance and much more) al Serre dei Giardini Margherita

start date: 7/09/2019 final date: 8/09/2019 address: via Castiglione 134 rif map iat: F-5 email: website: hours: 11am - 10pm entrance:

free entry

Resilienze Festival

Third edition of Resilienze Festival, this year dedicated to Rooted stories and characters, talking about great planetary changes through the perspective of those who have made uncompromising choices rooted in the local region.

start date:12/09/2019 final date:15/09/2019 address: via Castiglione 134 rif map iat: M-10 email: website: hours: From 12th September at 6 pm till 15th September at 11.30 pm. entrance:

Free entry

Nel gran teatro della città. Arena del Sole

A performance-tour to discover the stories, workings and hidden marvels of Bologna’s “popular” theatre.

start date:15/09/2019 final date: 1/12/2019 address: Via Indipendenza 44, Bologna rif map iat: B-4 ph: +390512910910 email: website:

InsolvenzFest 2019 - Il tempo dei debiti

More than 30 speakers talk about the culture of legal responsibility - and no - and its implications, deviations and excesses, within the InsolvenzFest 2019.

start date:19/09/2019 final date:22/09/2019 address: Piazza Maggiore rif map iat: D-4 ph: +39051272523 email: website: hours: Thursday 19 September - from 7:00pm to 9:00pm Friday 20 September - from 2:00pm to 7:0pm Saturday 21 September - from 9:30am to 11:00pm Sunday 22nd September - from 9:30am to 1:00pm entrance:

Participation in the Festival is free, subject to online registration on the website

Ascent run Bologna-Loiano - Fourth commemoration

More than 90 years later, the SAN LUCA TEAM wanted to recall this enterprise of great significance. 

Date:29/09/2019 address: Loiano email: website: hours: all day entrance:


Gardens at the tip of a pen

The master Lucio Filippucci brings us to the days of drawing at the Garden. In the sumptuous setting of the May blossoms and the colors of the early autumn, in an environment rich in ideas.

Date:29/09/2019 address: I Giardini del Casoncello, Loiano, via Scascoli n. 75 ph: +39051928100 email: website: hours: all day entrance:


Bologna da Sballo

There are 2 cultural touristic itineraries with the use of the "Walkman" that comes out of vintage and becomes a modern time machine driving Bolognesi and tourists through the streets of the downtown.

start date: 1/06/2016 final date:31/12/2019 address: Via San Nicolò 3 D - 40126 Bologna ph: +39 051480977 – 3284412533 email: website: hours: From Monday to Sunday, 5 shifts: 7:30pm - 8pm - 8:30pm - 9pm - 9:30pm Sunday: morning 10am + afternoon at 3pm The FIRST path takes 80 minutes, the SECOND itinerary takes 100 minutes entrance:

€ 12 each rental
€ 8 for under 21 and over 65
FREE children under 10

COMPULSORY RESERVATION: - tel. +39 051 480977 – 3284412533

Segafredo Virtus Bologna - Lega Basket Serie A

Segafredo Virtus Bologna is the protagonist of the new Lega Basket Serie A 2018-19 season.

start date:14/10/2018 final date:12/05/2019 address: PalaDozza, piazza Azzarita 6 rif map iat: B-2 ph: +390514155911 fax: 051 4155911 email: website: entrance:

Ticketing info at and at Bologna Welcome - Piazza Maggiore 1/E

Winemakers in the wine cellar

Every Saturday from March 30th to June 8th, starting from 2.30 to 6.30 pm, you have the opportunity to meet the producers and taste their wines.

start date:30/03/2019 final date:15/06/2019 address: Rocca Sforzesca, 40060 Dozza ph: +39 0542367700 fax: 0542367716 email: website: hours: From 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm entrance:

Free entry

We Love Football 2019 - 4° Edition

De Marchi, the historic player of Bologna FC in 2016 gave birth to "We Love Football", the international football tournament U- 15 able to attract the best clubs in the world to the capital of Bologna

start date:17/04/2019 final date:22/04/2019 address: Via Parini 1 Casalecchio di Reno ph: +390510402349 email: website: hours: Matches of 'Edizione 2019: entrance:

FREE UNDER 18, details here:

25th April 2019 Marzabotto Monte Sole

The whole 25th April will be spent inside Parco di Monte Sole and focus on the IL POGGIOLO Hotel/Restaurant Visiting Centre.

start date:24/04/2019 final date:25/04/2019 address: VIA SAN MARTINO 25 Marzabotto (BO) ph: +390516780501 fax: 051931350 email: website: hours: from 20.30 on 24 April to 20 on 25 April 2019 entrance:

free admission in all events
Free return shuttle service Pian di Venola -Monte Sole

underpass fs reno river side from 9 am to 8 pm

Finger Food Festival

Bologna, italian capital of food! The most important italian event of food excellences and craft beers is back at Parco della Zucca, close to the city centre

start date:26/04/2019 final date:29/04/2019 address: Via Di Saliceto 5 - Parco della Zucca rif map iat: L-10 ph: +393355736656 fax: 051323490 email: website: hours: Friday 26th April 18.00 / 24.00 Saturday 27th April 12.00 / 24.00 Sunday 28th April 12..00 / 24.00 Monday 29th April 18.00 / 23.00 entrance:

free entry


A visit to the places of the Persicetano carnival, where carnival floats are created or created, with anecdotes and stories of those who love and live the Carnival.

Date:28/04/2019 address: Piazza del Popolo, San Giovanni in Persiceto email: website: hours: bike appointment at 3:00pm entrance:


Jr NBA Global Championship

NBA, the Bologna Municipality and Bologna Welcome host the Jr NBA Global Championship Europe and Middle East selection camp.

start date:30/04/2019 final date: 3/05/2019 address: PalaDozza, Piazza Manfredi Azzarita, 8 rif map iat: B-2 website:

Gusto Nudo Festival 2019

Gusto Nudo Festiva is a biennal event of natural wine, food and arts.

start date: 2/05/2019 final date: 5/05/2019 address: Sedi diverse/Different venues ph: +393381321051 email: website: hours: Preview: 9/3 e 6/4 - H 11.00 @Orto Botanico Gusto Nudo Festival 2/5 from 17.00 @Serre Dei Giardini Margherita 3/5 - workshop! @Serre+Orto Botanico 4 e 5/5: Wine Fair @Parco DLF entrance:

more details on the website

A walk through the Middle Ages

Come to the magnificent park of Villa Ronchi to experience what it was like to live during a period that was very important for the history of Italy: the Middle Ages.

start date: 4/05/2019 final date: 5/05/2019 address: Crevalcore , Via Argini nord , 3277 Castello dei Ronchi ph: +39 3460955395 email: website: hours: Saturday 04 from 10pm to 12pm Sunday 05 from 10am to 7 pm entrance:

Free entry

Suviana Lake Triathlon

The 2nd Suviana Lake Triathlon kicks off on Sunday 5 May!

Date: 5/05/2019 address: Lago di Suviana email: website: entrance:

Registration and information available on

Ciclovia del Sole: a bike Grand Tour Between landscapes and communities

A public meeting in Bologna to present "Ciclovia del Sole" which will also be an opportunity to think about an integrated strategy for cycling in Italy

Date: 6/05/2019 address: CINETECA DI BOLOGNA piazzetta Pier Paolo Pasolini email: hours: SEE ATTACHED PROGRAMME entrance:

Free entrance

Registration required:

A week of the Giro in Bologna

Bologna welcomes the Great Departure of the Giro d'Italia with a series of cultural initiatives that describe the emotion of the most loved cycling race in our country, through the voices of authors, and the vision of film-makers, intellectuals and sports journalists.

start date: 6/05/2019 final date: 9/05/2019 address: sedi varie/different venues

Festival della Scienza Medica. Intelligence of Health

Once again it is time for Festival della Scienza Medica, promoted by Fondazione Carisbo and by Genus Bononiae. Musei nella Città, in collaboration with the University of Bologna.

start date: 9/05/2019 final date:12/05/2019 address: Piazza del Nettuno, 1/c - 40125 Bologna (BO) rif map iat: D-4 ph: +3905119936308 email: website: hours: from 8:30am to 9:30pm entrance:

Free entry

Giro d'Italia 2019

The 2019 Giro d'Italia leaves from Bologna: the city will party in pink for the most important cycling event in Italy and one of the most watched all over the world.

start date:11/05/2019 final date:12/05/2019 address: sedi varie/different venues website:

Gran Festival Internazionale della Zuppa di Bologna | 12th edition

The Bologna Great International Soup Festival is a free, popular, playful and open air soup contest, spiced up by street artists, music and tireless volunteers. 

Date:11/05/2019 address: Parco Pier Paolo Pasolini (Via Casini) rif map iat: L-12 email: website: hours: From 3pm entrance:

Free entry.
In order to participate as soup-contestant a previous and free registration is required:

Walk in the vineyard

Spring is a magical moment: a walk through Umberto Cesari's vineyards to admire the vines that begin to sprout and prepare the groundwork for the new year.

Date:11/05/2019 address: UMBERTO CESARI - via Stanzano 2160 - Castel San Pietro Terme ph: +39051 944732 email: website: hours: start time: 10:am duration: 2 hours entrance:

Activity on reservation:
Price: 15 €

Guinness of Pasta

The longest pasta in the world: 100 meters for all Italian fillings

Date:12/05/2019 address: FICO Eataly World - Via Paolo Canali 8 email: website: hours: From 11 to 17 entrance:


Diverdeinverde 2019

Three days to discover that Bologna is a garden.

start date:17/05/2019 final date:19/05/2019 address: Bologna ph: +390513399084 email: website: hours: Friday, May 17: 3 pm–7 pm Saturday, May 18: 10 am–1 pm and 3 pm –7 pm Sunday, May 19: 10 am–1 pm and 3 pm –7 pm Exact opening hours for each garden will be indicated in the program entrance:

Visitors can buy a three-day pass for all the gardens and events at the cost of 10 euro from mid-April and 12 euro starting from Friday, May 17.
Free admission for children under 13.

Festival of the Abbess

The festival will start on Friday 17 May with the Medieval Dinner and will continue until Sunday 19 May

start date:17/05/2019 final date:19/05/2019 address: Area Municipio via Repubblica Ozzano dell'Emilia (BO) ph: +39 3454590599 email: website: hours: Friday 17: 8.30 pm medieval dinner Saturday 18: 17-24.00 Sunday 19: 10-24.00 entrance:

Free admission

Bologna da quel momento fu libera

160 years later, Bologna celebrates the end of Austrian domination by recalling some episodes occurred between 1848 and 1859: Montagnola Battle, the shooting of Ugo Bassi.

start date:18/05/2019 final date:12/06/2019 address: Piazza Carducci 5 rif map iat: E-4 ph: +393402719343 email: website: hours: May 18 11am Inauguration 19 May 4pm Montagnola Battle May 25th 9pm Grand Ball of the Unity of Italy June 8th 4pm Ugo Bassi shooting June 12th 7 pm Tricolore entrance:


Via Mater Dei Inauguration

Inauguration of the new “Via Mater Dei” path

Date:18/05/2019 address: Madonna dei Fornelli ph: +393896409004 email: website: hours: from 2.00 pm to 9.00 pm entrance:


Full moon on the mountain ridge

Night hike to the ridges of the Corno alle Scale Park, up to the spectacular stage of Lake Scaffaiolo illuminated by the moon. At the nearby Duca degli Abruzzi it will be possible to have dinner.

Date:18/05/2019 address: Via Alpe di Rocca Corneta, 40042 Lizzano in Belvedere BO ph: +39 3494653877 email: website: hours: Meeting: at 7 pm at Corno alle Scale ski area. Expected end of the hike: 11:30 pm. entrance:

CostoCost: 12 € for adults and 6 € for under 14 years old. For information and reservations (required): Gianluca +39 349 4653877 or

Back to the ancient evo

Back to the Ancient Evo is a Historical Reenactment event conceived by the Teuta Nertobacos Association, the Stonature Association and the Sempar Association in Baraca.

start date:18/05/2019 final date:19/05/2019 address: Crevalcore, Via Argini nord, 3277 Castello dei Ronchi ph: +393460955395 email: website: hours: Saturday 18 May from 3:00 pm to midnight Sunday 19th May from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm entrance:


Evento Internazionale sul Pensiero Ospitale e Cosmopolitismo MENS-A 2019

International Event on the Hospitable Thought and Cosmopolitanism, including Human Sciences, Philosophy, History. 

start date:23/05/2019 final date:25/05/2019 address: Ass. APUN Via Riva Reno 11, 40122 BO rif map iat: C-2 ph: +393395991149 email: website: hours: May 23 8:30pm - Apertura - Oratorio S. Filippo Neri May 24  5:00pm – Spazio Università Aula Marescotti 7:15pm – Sede CIRSFID May 25  10:15am - 8:00pm MAMbo 9:00pm - Santuario Corpus Domini entrance:

Free entry

Smell Festival

Smell Festival, the event dedicated to olfactory culture and the art of perfume is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the theme ‘Atmosphere’.

start date:23/05/2019 final date:26/05/2019 address: Palazzo Isolani, via Santo Stefano 16 rif map iat: D-5 ph: + 39 348 4262301 email: website: hours: Follow the directions in the programme. entrance:

Follow the directions in the programme.
Entry with day Festival day ticket on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of May.
Information and tickets:

Srabologna 2019

StraBologna 2019 is an event organized by UISP. It takes place in Piazza Maggiore on 24-25 and 26 May. It is a race / walk suitable for everyone that allows you to discover Bologna

start date:24/05/2019 final date:26/05/2019 address: Via Rizzoli ph: +39 3397179587 email: website: hours: The StraBologna takes place on May 26, 2019 and starts from Via Rizzoli at 10:30 am entrance:

It is necessary to register online on the site or offline in the stores. On May 24th, 25th and 26th you can register directly at our stand in Piazza Maggiore

On the "Bread Route"

Excursion on the traces of the ancient crafts, of the millers of the past and of many of today, walking among the mills, valleys and forests of Monghidoro.

Date:26/05/2019 address: piazza Armaciotto de Ramazzotti 8, Monghidoro ph: +39 348 5229753 email: website: hours: Meeting: at 9:30 am at the bar "L'ombelico del mondo" (piazza Armaciotto de Ramazzotti 8, Monghidoro - Bologna). Expected end of the hike: at 5 pm. entrance:

Cost: 14 € for adults and 8 € for under 14 years old. For information and reservations (required): Eugenia +39 348 5229753 or

Gourmet Sandwiches by Daniele Reponi

Excellent ingredients and a pinch of creativity can turn a simple sandwich into a masterpiece of taste.

Date:30/05/2019 address: Via Stanzano 2160 ph: +39051 944732 email: website: hours: 8 pm entrance:

Event by reservation.
Price: 40 €

IT.A.CÀ - Migrants and Travelers. After Bologna, the RESTANZA IN APPENNINO

The IT.A.CÀ Responsible Tourism Festival, from Bologna moves the APPENNINES until June 9th with walking and pedal routes and many cultural events.

start date:31/05/2019 final date: 9/06/2019 address: Via Pietralata, 73, 40122 Bologna BO email: website: hours: for every detail consult the program on entrance:

for every detail consult the program on

Sunrisebike Ride

SUNRISEBIKE RIDE is a non-competitive ride starting at dawn along an easy route lasting about an hour, which will enhance the beauty of the city.

Date: 2/06/2019 address: Giardini Margherita rif map iat: M-10 email: website: hours: start at 5:33 am entrance:

- 1 euro adults ( starting from 13 years old )
- 2 euro children (from 6 to 12 years old)
- FREE / If it is your birthday the day of Sunrisebike


The continent’s eight best teams face each other to conquer the title of European Champions.

start date: 4/06/2019 final date: 8/06/2019 address: Stadio Gianni Falchi, Piazzale Atleti Azzurri d'Italia 11, Bologna ph: +39051479618 email: website: hours: Play ball at 2:30 pm and 8:30 pm entrance:

Daily ticket (2 games per day) 10€

Blue Night 2019

NOTTE BLU is an annual event that enhances the historic technical-hydraulic, architectural and historical heritage of Bologna City of Water. The program includes guided thematic tours, conferences, educational workshops for children, live music, theatrical performances, photographic exhibitions and guided visits to sites not normally accessible to the public.

Date: 4/06/2019 address: Via della Grada, 12 rif map iat: C-2 ph: +39 3420167397 fax: 0515280238 email: website: hours: from 19:00 to 24:00 entrance:


Wiki Loves Earth 2019

Wiki Loves Earth is an international photographic competition where participants take pictures of local natural heritage and upload them to Wikimedia Commons: discover 3 photographic walks in June.

start date: 8/06/2019 final date:29/06/2019 address: sedi varie/different venues email: website: hours: June 8 - SUVIANA E BRASIMONE LAKES PARKS June 22 - TUSCAN EMILIAN NATIONAL PARK June 29 - PO DELTA PARK entrance:

Discover how to book your photographic walk:


Welcome to spritzArte , Fondazione Cirulli Summer Festival.
Fondazione Cirulli will lighten up with a series of four special events to celebrate art and and summer.

start date:12/06/2019 final date:17/07/2019 address: Via Emilia 275 San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) ph: +390516288300 email: website: hours: from 6pm to 9pm entrance:

museum ticket + guided tour + aperitivo: € 13,00
reservation required |

Of Wool and Silk

festival of the journey, in the middle of the village, with a little fair, street food of the territory, loboratory for children, arrival of the trek of the Route of Wool and Silk ending concert.

start date:13/06/2019 final date:15/06/2019 address: Castiglione dei Pepoli ph: +39 0516758409 email: hours: From 10am to 11pm entrance:

Free entry

2019 UEFA European Under 21 Championship

The 2019 UEFA European Under 21 Championship is coming to Bologna. The matches will take place in Italy and San Marino between 16th and 30th June.

start date:16/06/2019 final date:27/06/2019 address: Stadio Renato Dall'Ara rif map iat: M-9 website: hours: Group A: 9pm Semifinal: 6pm

Solstice on Monte Adone

An excursion on the occasion of the summer solstice: the last spring sunset from the summit of Monte Adone, accompanied by themed readings and a tasty aperitif!

Date:21/06/2019 address: via Castellazzo 4, Monzuno ph: +39 348 5229753 email: website: hours: Meeting: at 6:45 pm at Brento, in the parking of Vecchia Trattoria Monte Adone (via Castellazzo 4, Monzuno - Bologna). Expected end of the hike: 11 pm. entrance:

Cost: 10 € for adults e 5 € for under 14 years oldi. For information or reservations (required): – +39 349 1655717, Eugenia +393485229753 or


Trekking with archaeologist and CAI guide to Monte Bibele to discover the interaction between Man and Nature.

Date:22/06/2019 address: Piazza della Pace, Quinzano (Loiano, BO) ph: +393291949532 email: website: hours: 4:30 pm departure from Piazza della Pace in Quinzano (Loiano, BO). 8:00 pm picnic under the stars (by reservation only) 9:45 pm observation of the night sky 10:30 pm night return to Quinzano entrance:

Participation fee: € 20 picnic included, € 15 excursion only
Members Arc.A, CAI members, Card Musei Metropolitani Bologna, children 6-14 years: € 15 picnic included, € 10 excursion only

Attorno al Museo

The theme of artistic reflection on the tragedy that took place 39 years ago runs through this entire festival, which is organised by the Association of Relatives of Victims of the Ustica massacre.

start date:27/06/2019 final date:10/08/2019 address: Parco della Zucca (antistante al Museo per la Memoria di Ustica) - via di Saliceto 3/22 rif map iat: L-10 website: hours: Guided visit to the museum: 8pm Show: 9:30pm entrance:

Museum entry: free
Guided tour: € 4.00
Show entry: open donation

Capsula Designa Market

CAPSULA is Le Serre Design Market: more than 40 designers from all the country and a rich program of events (music, performance and much more).

start date:29/06/2019 final date:30/06/2019 address: via Castiglione 134 rif map iat: M-10 email: website: hours: 11 am - 11 pm entrance:


Celtic Trail

Following the footsteps of Etruscans and Celts in the Idice Valley

Date: 7/07/2019 address: Monte Bibele - Monterenzio (BO) email: website: hours: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm entrance:



The central appointment of the Ozzanese summer takes place between the next 12th and 14th July. The 2019 edition is dedicated to innovation: from the launch of space vectors to that of the new Ozzanese dish: "the imbutinis" by Flavia

start date:12/07/2019 final date:14/07/2019 address: Viale II Giugno - Ozzano dell'Emilia ph: +39051791324 email: website: hours: Friday, July 12th, 6pm - 8pm Saturday July 13th 6pm - 2am Sunday, July 14th 9am - 6pm entrance:

Free admission

Traveling outside and inside yourself

A Journey through time, nature and soul in support of Crew For Africa ONLUS

Date:13/07/2019 address: Piazza della Pace, Quinzano (Loiano, BO) ph: +393291949532 email: website: hours: 5:00 pm Meeting in Piazza della Pace, Quinzano (Loiano, BO) Picnic in the woods 9:00 pm Lesson of emotional Yoga and meditation 11.00 pm Return by night to Quinzano entrance:

Participation fee € 25 (including pic-nic)

Appenninica MTB Parmigiano Reggiano

The first edition of the race across all the Emilia Romagna Appennine starts from Arco del Meloncello in the town of Bologna. The Prologue leads the athletes up to the famous Colle di San Luca.

Date:20/07/2019 address: Giardino Bandiera De Coubertin, Bologna (pressi arco Meloncello e stadio D'Allara) rif map iat: M-9 email: website: hours: The prologue of Appenninica MTB Parmigiano Reggiano - international mountain bike stage race - will take place on Saturday, July 20th from 11 am to 2 pm. entrance:

Free entrance for spectators

Lagolandia – Villeggiatura Contemporanea

Three weekends of outdoor activities, wellbeing and cultural initiatives in harmony with the environment.

start date:20/07/2019 final date:18/08/2019 address: Lago di Castel dell'Alpi; Lago di Brasimone e Suviana; Lago di Santa Maria ph: +39 335 7744132 email: website: hours: Saturday 20/07, 3/08, 17/08: 9 - 23 Sunday 21/07, 4/08, 18/08: 9 - 18 entrance:

All the activities are free and subject to availability; reservation is required for workshops and excursions.

31° car race Bologna-Raticosa

The Scuderia Bologna Squadra Corse is pleased to announce the 31st edition of the Bologna-Raticosa sporting event

start date:26/07/2019 final date:28/07/2019 address: Strada Provinciale della “Futa” ph: +39 051 224518 fax: +39 051 272630 email: website: hours: All day entrance:



Theatrical trek by Teatro dei Mignoli

start date:26/07/2019 final date:27/07/2019 address: Ai 300 scalini, via di Casaglia 37, Bologna rif map iat: N-9 email: website: hours: 8.15 p.m. Trek starts from Villa Spada, via di Casaglia 3 entrance:

Ticket + drink card: 15 eur

American Football U19 European Championship

Eight teams, 7 game days for over 600 athletes. Italy, Austria, France, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Finland will fight to take home the European title.

start date:29/07/2019 final date: 4/08/2019 address: Sedi diverse/ different venues ph: +390331770343 email: website: hours: 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm On July 29, Aug 1 and Aug 4 entrance:

Tickets available at the stadiums (CS Bernardi e Arcoveggio)

Persiceteidi - Falling stars

The Planetarium, the Observatory and the large surrounding natural park will remain open to allow the public to observe the natural spectacle of falling stars illustrated by a guide

start date: 9/08/2019 final date:12/08/2019 address: San Giovanni in Persiceto, Planetario, vicolo Baciadonne 1 ph: +390516812929 email: website: hours: 9-11 pm entrance:

Free entry

Fireworks show on the water

A relaxing evening by the lake waiting for the fireworks show

Date:10/08/2019 address: Centro Velico di Suviana - Località Piderla 74, Camugnano ph: +39 3894864741 email: website: hours: Beginning of the evening with music and relax from 9.00 pm entrance:

Free entry
Evening sunbed hire € 3