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Wolfango. Le quattro stagioni. Concerto per frutta e verdura

From: 26/11/2016 - To: 8/01/2017

D'Accursio or Municipal Palace

Piazza Maggiore, 6 - 40121 Bologna (BO)

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Palazzo d'Accursio at Sala Ottagonale hosts the exhibition Wolfango. Le quattro stagioni. Concerto per frutta e verdura on the occasion of the 90 years of the painter.
Until today only three important works by Wolfango are visible almost daily in the city: "Il cassetto" of 1976-77, located in the Press Room  "Luca Savonuzzi" of the Comune di Bologna in Palazzo d'Accursio; the large painting "Resurgo" of 1978, situated at church of San Giovanni in Monte; and finally “La cassetta dei rifiuti” of 1968, at Aula Absidale in Santa Lucia.

This exhibit brings out other important paintings: four large pastels on wood that allude to the classical theme of the Four Seasons, made in 1993.
The rhythm of the seasons will be represented by fruits, flowers and vegetables typical of each season.

The exhibition will also present some colorful drawings of similar theme.

Finally you will see a composition of flowers and fruit inspired by the subjects of the works on display, offered by the Garden Club Camilla Malvasia.

The exhibition is curated by his daughter Alighiera Peretti Poggi, and made in cooperation with the Istituzione Bologna Musei and with the patronage of the Comune di Bologna.  It is accompanied by a catalog curated by Alighiera Peretti Poggi, published by Minerva Edizioni, richly illustrated and introduced by a text by Eugenio Riccòmini

  • From: 26/11/2016
  • To: 8/01/2017

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