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"Una Gita Scolastica"

On the footsteps of the great movie of Pupi Avati

From: 11/10/2019 - To: 13/10/2019

Da Bologna al Lago Scaffaiolo

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In this movie, directed by Pupi Avati, "Una Gita Scolastica", the eighty-year-old Bolognese woman Laura remembers the excitement of when, in 1914, she took part in her school trip: a trip from Bologna to Florence. The participants, accompanied by the guide, will walk in the places where the film was shot and also try to feel the emotions and memories of the classic and so dreamed school trip!

From October 11th to 13th you walk in a different way: between the present and the memory, between the joy and the wonder that the landscape of the Apennines raises, which frames this unique experience.

  • From: 11/10/2019
  • To: 13/10/2019