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Un presepio “ritrovato” dal Conservatorio di Santa Marta

From: 4/12/2016 - To: 15/01/2017

Museo Civico d'Arte Industriale e Quadreria Davia Bargellini

Strada Maggiore, 44 - 40125 Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 29/12/2017, 15:39

For several years, the Musei Civici d’Arte Antica have organized at Museo Davia Bargellini an exhibition dedicated to Bologna traditional crib. This year it will take place in cooperation with La Quadreria - Palazzo Rossi Poggi Marsili di ASP Città di Bologna from December 4th, 2016 to January 15th, 2017.

The exhibit presents a crib of extraordinary importance. There are some statues of different era and quality emerged from the deposits of the Opera Pia dei Poveri Vergognosi and coming from the Conservatorio femminile di Santa Marta.
The group consists of seven terracotta sculptures. It includes two standing Angels, dated within the first decade of the nineteenth century, two groups of Shepherds linkable in the style to Domenico Piò, two groups (Grandmother and Child and Girl with Lute, sec. XIX) and a Nativity, made by the bolognese modeler Gaetano Catenacci (nineteenth century).

The exhibition is curated by Mark Gregory D'Apuzzo, Antonella Mampieri (Musei Civici d'Arte Antica) Gioia and Fernando Lanzi (Centro Studi per la Cultura Popolare).

more information and updates on www.museibologna.it/arteantica

  • From: 4/12/2016
  • To: 15/01/2017

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