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Un americano a Parigi

Season 2016/2017

From: 14/01/2017 - To: 15/01/2017

Teatro Europauditorium

Piazza Costituzione, 4 - 40128 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 372540

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An American in Paris is a symphonic poem by the American composer George Gershwin. The musical play is inspired by the film of the same name by Vincent Minnelli. This new version is linked to the original text, partly reworked, with the aim of giving it all the characteristics and the taste of overseas musical.

Teatro Europauditorium, 14-15 January 2017

tribute to George Gershwin

M&F Productions
loosely based on the film of the same name
an idea of Tiziana D'Anella and Lena Sarsen
with Michele Carfora, Arianna Bergamaschi, Danilo Brugia, Barbara Terrinoni and Pierluigi Gallo
music by George Gershwin - lyric Ira Gershwin
musical arrangements Marco Tiso
choreography Stefano Vagnoli
scenes Lorena Curti
costumes Martina Piezzo
lights Massimo Tomasino
videos and special effects Stefano Fomasi
directed by Enzo Sanny

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  • From: 14/01/2017
  • To: 15/01/2017