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Ti porto la Luna a Bologna

Date: 31/05/2017

Palazzo dello Sport, via Caduti per la Libertà 6, Monte San Pietro, Bologna

Phone +39 051 6764447

Date of last update: 17/05/2017, 13:36

On May 31st, at the Palazzo dello Sport in Monte San Pietro  the exhibition of a lunar rock sample, gathered by astronauts of Apollo 15 mission.

Celebrating 50 years from its foundation, the Bologna Amateur Astronomer Club (Associazione Astrofili Bolognesi) and Felsina Astronomical Observatory in Montepastore, together with Proloco (local tourism board) and the Municipality of Monte San Pietro have arranged for the exhibition of a real moon rock, a lunar sample taken on the Moon surface by NASA astronauts more than 40 years ago. From an idea of Luigi Pizzimenti (ADAA President).
The visitors will enjoy the possibility to admire it closely and to take pictures. A fun talk-conference (8pm) will let people know its peculiar history in the Earth / Moon system evolution.
Mostly, this history will tell us the amazing adventure of those who dared to risk their lives to take the rock. Also it will be fun to hear how to ask NASA “Might you lend me a moon rock?” and how NASA has agreed to that.

  • Date: 31/05/2017

Schools: 10:00am to 12:00pm
Public: 02:00pm to 06:00pm
Conference: 08:00pm

Free entrance, advance reservation required for the conference: ph. +39 051 6764447

A lunar rock sample in Bologna