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The New Year's Eve in Bologna

The 'Vecchione' by Gli Impresari and the feast spreading in the pedestrian T area

Date: 31/12/2017

via Indipendenza - via Rizzoli - via Ugo Bassi - piazza Maggiore

Date of last update: 28/12/2017, 17:14

A new format for the long New Year’s Eve night in Bologna, this year. On Sunday, December 31 the feast goes beyond the “boundaries” of Piazza Maggiore, involving the nearby streets Indipendenza, Rizzoli and Ugo Bassi.
Conceived to be in conformity with the new security regulations, the New Year’s Eve night is going to start at 9.30 pm with the music, spreading in the large pedestrian T-shaped area formed by the above streets Indipendenza, Rizzoli and Ugo Bassi. Three different music selections one for each street, curated by three different Bologna rock clubs: Covo, Estragon and Locomotiv.
From 11.30pm to 0.30am the same music, specially selected by the artist Calcutta for this occasion, will enliven the streets of the T-shaped area and Piazza Maggiore.

Following the tradition, Piazza Maggiore hosts the “Vecchione” (The Old one) - the huge sculpture which represents the year that is ending and that is burned at the stroke of midnight. The "Vecchione" of this edition is created by the art collective group “Gli Impresari” (Edoardo Aruta, Marco Di Giuseppe and Rosario Sorbello) selected for the Municipality of Bologna by Lorenzo Balbi, the responsible for the Contemporary Art Area of Istituzione Bologna Musei.
The sculpture is assembled in Piazza Maggiore, just in the center of the “crescentone”, a few days before the end of December, and there it will be waiting for the New Year's Eve countdown.
This year the title of the "Vecchione" is “Il re è nudo” (The king has no clothes). It takes its inspiration from the Hans Christian Andersen's tale The Emperor's New Clothes, where a child in the crowd shouts out that the emperor has no clothes, thus unmusking the two cheaters who sewed an invisible cloth for the emperor.
Purpose of the artists is to face the theme of political and social hypocrisy: just as the cry of the child points out the general falseness of seeing something that doesn’t exist, so the burning of the "Vecchione" frees everybody from the collective lie and hypocrisy, which often affect our daily life. The society is represented by the elements of a chess game placed over a stage machinery, which was used at the theatre to create mystifying and amazing effects.

After the bonfire, special night bus lines (Tper buses n. 14N, 20N, 25N, 61, 62) will connect the city center with the clubs and discos.

Besides, on Monday, January 1st, due to the partnership of Comune di Bologna and Rai Radio 3, from 11.15am, while walking in the streets of the T-shaped area, it will be possible to listen to the New Year Concert of Wien Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Riccardo Muti and broadcast by Radio 3. In the afternoon at 6pm the broadcast of “Sei gradi” specially thought for Bologna.

Further information and updates www.comune.bologna.it/cultura - agenda.comune.bologna.it

  • Date: 31/12/2017

The New Year's Eve in Bologna