Welcome is Bologna

Taste of Christmas 2016

From: 25/11/2016 - To: 27/11/2016

Palazzo Re Enzo

Piazza del Nettuno, 1/c - 40125 Bologna (BO)

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“Taste of Christmas” is coming back for a magic Christmas
Bologna the last stop for the greatest culinary festival
From 25th to 27th of November in Palazzo Re Enzo
After the successful of the last edition, Bologna will welcome the most famous festival in the world about the gourmet cuisine.
19 Chefs, 64 dishes, laboratories, tasting

Three days of high level of taste. The best Chefs of Emilia Romagna will transform the palazzo Re Enzo in a amazing enogastronomic court.
After more than 9 thousands visitors of the last edition, Taste Festival come back in Bologna, closing its tour. An important appointment for everyone who loves the awarded cuisine. It will be proposed dishes made from the most important Chefs in Bologna with accessible costs, from 6 euro to 10 euro to give to everyone the possibility to taste the high cuisine.

Taste is a must for who want to get involved from the fascinating Bologna.
Bologna with its conviviality and warmth represents the perfect house to host an event as Taste Festival.
Taste of Christmas16 the Chefs that will participate in these three days, from lunch to dinner. They will propose three plus one special for Christmas dishes each.

A news of this year is the Charity Restaurant in collaboration with Esselunga, that will see the participation of three Chefs and the proceeds will be donated to charity.

In addition of Chef’s menu a lot of initiatives that will animate Palazzo Re Enzo.
The Laboratory in collaboration with Cibo school, that will propose kitchen courses to discover the Chefs secrets: 45 minutes every course, 10 designated positions that will give to all participant the possibility to surprise friends and family.
Musetti Caffè, a dedicated area about the more loved and consumed drink. It will be possible to know everything about the coffee: from the grain up to the coffee cup, the creativity, the art and the culture developed around it. A travel around the story, traditions from all part of the world about the coffee.

In cucina con Trimani, Villa Massa, Pasabahçe NEWS 2016!
A space to welcome all curious visitors in collaboration with Cibo. An area to host the more savory activities: cooking show; wine tasting by Trimani Vinai of Roma, served in glasses signed by Pacabahce.; Villa Massa Tonic Challenge! The activity that to broke the normal frame, presented by Villa Massa, a lemon liquor company and an important Bartender in Italy. Villa Massa throws a challenge to the protagonist Chefs that will have to match their dishes at one limoncello cocktail proposed by the Bartender.
Blind Tasting con METRO NEWS 2016!
The activity to incite the fantasy and to recognize the taste in a completely dark. The participants will discover to have a sixth sense, “the gastronomic sense”. The public will be blindfolded and it will be driven in a sensorial experience, tasting delicious ingredients in a growing of clues and curiosity. It will remain surprise!
The older winemakers Enoteca Trimani will driven all guests in amazing wine tasting. They will propose a wine list with 50 label: from Emilia Romagna to the sparkling French wine. For each dish during the event it will be proposed a perfect glass of wine to exalt them.

Taste of…shopping!
Taste of Christmas is also the perfect place for the gourmet shopping in magic Christmas atmosphere. With the Bajocchi card, bought at the entrance, it will possible to buy nice gifts, a lot of company will wait for you, and to taste all dishes from the restaurants.   

Further information and updates on www.tasteofchristmas.it

  • From: 25/11/2016
  • To: 27/11/2016

Friday 6pm - 11pm
Saturday 12pm - 11pm
Sunday 12pm - 9pm

Admission is free.  At the entrance the purchase of the Card Bajocchi costing € 15 is required.
The card can be recharged of any amount at any time both at the desk and at the Wine Bars located inside - The cost of dishes ranges from 6 to 10 euros/bajocchi (1 Euro = 1 Bajocco)

Wworkshops cost 10 Euros (plus commission), and a previous reservation is required. The program will be on line in the next week. For info and reservation info@tasteofchristmas.it