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From: 24/11/2017 - To: 26/11/2017

Piazza Re Enzo - Bologna

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Date of last update: 21/02/2018, 14:08

Sweet Bologna, the greater Italian pastry store, is back with the best pastry masters from November 24th to 26th, 2017. Come, taste and vote the best dessert in one of the emotional place in the world.

The most talented Emilian pastry makers are getting involved to let the Emilian pastry culture grow. Sweet Bologna wants to give visitors a further reason to love this Country. Along with culture, history, architecture, landscape and food, Sweet Bologna wants to conquer visitors with desserts too.

1. Pastry shops present and sell their best bakery products, their expertise and their battle horses
2. But Sweet Bologna is not just a Dessert Festival. The confectioners have a commitment: to present two new desserts:
A. The revision of a traditional cake: Torta di Riso (the rice cake)
B. A new dessert, representing Bologna

Two different juries, a popular one and a professional one, will declere the best pastry makers and many prizes will be distributed.
Everybody can vote and choose the winner. To vote you just have to buy a € 15,00 carnet and taste all the dessert.

  • From: 24/11/2017
  • To: 26/11/2017

Free admission.
Carnet with 20 tastes: 15 €

Sweet Bologna