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SWEENEY TODD | Stephen Sondheim

Production of Teatro Comunale in collaboration with BSMT Production and Bernstein School of Musical Theatre

From: 19/06/2019 - To: 23/06/2019

Teatro Comunale - Largo Respighi 1, 40126 Bologna

Phone +39 051529019

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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a musical written by Stephen Sondheim that made its début in 1979. The subject is based on a 1842 play inspired by a London mid-1800s metropolitan legend. It won eight Tony Awards including that of Best Musical, and the original Broadway production directed by Harold Prince was staged for over a year with 557 performances!

The plot is the Gothic story of the Barber of Fleet Street who, on returning to London after a long exile, is set on regaining his position and avenge the injustices suffered by his family. With the help of Mrs Lovett and the young Anthony, Sweeney manages to save his daughter from an unhappy marriage to his fierce rival Turpin.

Director Stefano Squarzina 

Direction Rosetta Cucchi
Scenography Paolo Cavinato
Costumes Claudia Pernigotti
Lights Marco Cittadoni

Further information at www.tcbo.it

  • From: 19/06/2019
  • To: 23/06/2019

Wednesday 19 june 2019 – 8.00 pm
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