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Storie naturali

Bertozzi & Casoni al Museo di Palazzo Poggi

From: 27/01/2017 - To: 26/02/2017

Musei di Palazzo Poggi

Via Zamboni 33 - 40126 Bologna (BO)

Phone Musei Palazzo Poggi: +39 051 2099610/398 ; Museo della Specola: +39 051 2095790

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Date of last update: 22/02/2017, 15:52

The exhibition STORIE NATURALI. Bertozzi & Casoni hosted at the Museum of Palazzo Poggi (27 January - 26 February 2017) featuring the compositions by Bertozzi & Casoni and based on the juxtaposition of daily elements with an intense natural world, perfectly matches the vintage atmosphere of the rooms displaying the cases filled with the animals by Ulisse Aldrovandi and the anatomical wax models.

Storie naturali. Bertozzi & Casoni al Museo di Palazzo Poggi

Animals, piles of bones, egg residues, an old Pinocchio puppet meditating on never-opened books: room after room the ceramic works of the two artists act like a trigger on visitors’ imagination.

The still museum exhibits resonate with the new works, creating a never-ending narrative of “natural stories”, designed by Marco Antonio Bazzocchi and Lucia Corrain.

  • From: 27/01/2017
  • To: 26/02/2017

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